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Once, there were three travellers passing by a valley. They stopped by a house, where a lady was alone by herself as her husband was out on some business. After knowing this, they didn't accept the offer of going in that house, but waited for the husband to come. 

When the husband arrived, his wife told him about those three men. He asked her to call them in. She went out, and asked to come in... But, one of them answered, that we are named as "Success", "Wealth" and "Love", respectively. Only one of them could enter their house. For that, they asked that woman to know which one of them, her husband wanted to come in first.

Meanwhile, in the house their was this argument going on between the husband and wife...

Husband said," call Wealth, it will bring success automatically." Wife said,"call Success, it will bring rest." Their daughter in law was listening to the argument, she suggested "Love". Husband and wife agreed with her, so that woman went out and asked for, who was Love amongst them? He stood up, Wealth and Success followed him.

The point of this short story is, prosperity of a home or any unit lies in this simple four letter word, "LOVE", I would add it up with affection and caring for each other. It is the key that would open the doors to your prosperity, as wealth and success without it, is useless to carry on.

Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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