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Are you a warrior, survivor or a victim, when it comes to facing a difficult situation? Read to know more...

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Scenario#1: Warriors!


Wait!...are you still breathing?? That's life! If life has knocked you down many times and you are standing there, your heart is beating, you are moving on-no matter what? Then, it's time to put a "smile" on your face...Yes!!!IAM ALIVE! Fight back!


Scenario#2: Survivors!

Yes! You are breathing... But, that is not enough! You are in middle of a road and you don't know where to go or which turn to take. What would you do? Just stand there..?  Find a way out? Or... Ask help? It's your call only... Either, take the road that leads to becoming a warrior or just stay stuck there for lifetime.


Scenario#3: Victims!

If you feel dead inside.. if you feel there's no way out and only negative vibes are present... You are alive,but you have enslaved yourself to your problems. If prolonged, it will become permanent( and life will go on like that: without colors, laughters , happiness and joy) and if,taken as a phase- there's a chance of you getting out of it! For that, seek help through family, counseling, positive reading, watching motivational videos and most importantly, "MEDITATE".


Question is ...

How will you like to breathe in life? Fully, semi-state or empty... think and start living

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