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The way you see the world!

A story about overcoming adversity....

Chris Pipe

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When I was 18 I nealry had the bottom half of my lef amputated. This happened through me playing football and suffered a trauma to my lower right leg. I went to the hospital who told me that I had compartment syndrome and that they would operate to relive the pressure.....this did not go to the plan. They had to remove 2 parts of muscle in my calf which has effected my power and movement, and through this there was no blood flow going to my foot. 


It got so far they then sent an amputee to my bedside to explain what would happen and what life would be like. When he left, I turned to my Mum and said "thats not me" I asked the doctor what the chances were for my leg to survive and he 20%, so I took my chances. I was so determined for that not to be me. They operated and it was a success. 


When I woke up they said they saved my leg, however I would not be able to walk again! I thought I was being stubborn, and said "No" I would walk again! I had been in bed for 3 weeks, not being able to stand up or sit up! One morning the physio came round and I was so excited as I thought she as was going to help me walk.....she wasn't. I told her with out without her help I was going to stand up! She reluctanlty helped me, I sat up in bed and......was sick everywhere!!! I was so hot, came over all flush and then slept for the next 3 hours, it took so much out of me.


The next morning she came in again to see how I was, I said I was fine and we were going to try again, she couldnt believe, this time I managed to sit standing yet!!


I had set myself a challenge to walk out of that hospital..... 3 weeks later I did just that, so be it 2 steps and with help of a wheelchair but I did it!!


I spent the next 6 - 12 months in a wheelchair, cructhes and walking aids to help me get to where I am today, where I can walk around freely without aids and live a 'normal life' I still go to phsyio and gym weekly to keep up my programme to ensure I do not get worse. 


My point to the story is, when I was 18 I thought I was stubborn, I did not know about solution thinking or growth mindset but I had both.


There are 2 ways you can see the world, you can see the thing you want, or you can see the thing that stops you getting the thing you want. I always seee what I want, I always believe there is solution to everything...,we just have to find it!!

Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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