Most people live their lives playing it safe, by adapting to daily routines and operating from the "comfort zone". The #1 key to living a fulfilling life is knowing specifically WHAT YOU WANT. The power of visualization is very real, but using ALL five of your senses is what creates the shift in your conscious mind that what you desire is attainable. Most of my clients when asked "what do you want in life?", would simply answer stating that they wanted to be successful or happy, the barriers of fear, self doubt and feeling as if their dreams and goals were not attainable  is what prevented them from going into detail or selling themselves short. The barriers must be knocked down, the power to create relies on our ability to use our imaginations again, seeing where you want to be in your minds eye, what exactly are you doing? What are you wearing? What do you see around you? How does all of this feel to you? Making it limitless and fulfilling. Breaking down the steps to reach your outcome and setting a time that your expecting to accomplish these goals, holding yourself accountable to remain dedicated turns your goals and desires into an achievable outcome. Everyone wants success, but after going through a breakthrough session, you will be able to express exactly what success looks like to you and you will know when you have arrived.