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Law of Attraction ( how it works)

Understanding how you create your own reality.

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In this vibrational universe that we live in, there is no such thing as "No" and everything that we are wanting, Law of Attraction is always responding to with a resounding "Yes!" ... it's not concerned about how we are feeling about something, but is simply responding to the emotion/vibration that is being offered.
If you are feeling, then you are vibrating and when you are vibrating, you are attracting.
When you feel bad, and you continue to think those thoughts that make you feel bad,, momentum will ensure, and you will continue to attract to you, more experiences that will perpetuate those not so good feelings. Likewise, when you think better thoughts, you experience better feeling emotions, which results in an adjustment in your point of attraction. When your point of attraction changes,  your life experience changes along with it for the better.The law of attraction states that a thing which is like unto itself is drawn.  Therefore, whatever you give your attention to will become more. The key is to consistently focus your thoughts in the direction that allows you access to the things that you do want to become more. Its a skill that you must practice if you wish to master your thoughts.
We are vibrational beings living in a vibrational universe, a spiritual being mastering a physical experience; so when we offer a signal/vibration, the universe responds by giving us an experience that matches the way we feel. Essentially,  we are transmitting and receiving devices.  The same way we must tune our radio tuner to the station that we wish to hear in order to receive that reception from that particular station, thats the same way we have to tune or thoughts to the things we desire as well.  We can't think about the absence of what we are wanting and expect it to show up in our reality.  Friends, that's not how it works. You can't plant corn seeds and expect an apple tree to sprout up.  If you daydream a little and sit with the vision of your desires and how it would feel to have it - that vision is now a match to the desire. Your desire, plus your mental image of seeing yourself already having it and feeling the emotions accompanied with having it, is what brings your thoughts,  emotions, belief and positive expectation into alignment, allowing your manifestation to breakthrough from your vibrational reality into your physical reality. Hence the term break-through. When you do not like something and you feel that emotion of discontent or dissatisfaction, the universe offers more experiences that will help you to continue to feel more discontentment and dissatisfaction. In the same way, when you feel good/happy/satisfied or any one of those higher frequencies, the universe invariably matches you to a tangible, equivalent experience(s) that will perpetuate that joy and contentment that you are already feeling emotionally.
Whatever you've got going on vibrationally, it just becomes more and more until you shift your emotion, which then shifts your point of attraction, which then changes what you attract into your life experience. It's that simple!
However you are thinking and feeling in any moment in time, the universe will give you an endless supply of life experiences to sustain and maintain the feelings that you've already got going on.


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