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How to Attract The Love You Desire

How to Manifest Romantic Love

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Beyond our obvious physical form, we are vibrational bengs, transmitting and receiving mechanisms, living in a vibrational universe , managed by law of attraction; and we are creating our reality by way of our thoughts. You think a thought,  that thought radiates out to the universe where it is received by law of attraction, all cooperative components ( people, places  and opportunities) are gathered together in order to create those desires, and with consistent practice, focus and positive expectation, your thoughts will return to you in the form of a physical reality - your Manifestation!

With that knowing, it will serve you to focus on/ think about the things that you are wanting so that you will attract it into your life experience. ln other words, tell your story as you want it to be and not how it is, particularly if "what is" is not what you are wanting to experience in your reality. 

By telling the story as you want it to be, you are tuning/aligning/becoming a vibrational match to how your Inner Being feels (always positive and confident).  When that alignment takes place between the physical you and nonphysical you, then , in that moment,  you are  occupying the perfect vibrational  stance that allows manifestations to surely follow.

As you practice your story, you create harmonic resonance between the physical you and vibrational version of YOU. In other words, you come into Alignment with the whole of who You are and when you are in alignment to the fullness of who you have become, you think and feel as great as your Inner Being feels. Since Law of Attraction is the manager of all Vibration, the Universe receives the emotions (vibration) that you are offering, and gives back to you, an experience that's a match to those emotions. Essentially, what you are doing is resetting your point of attraction to everything that feels good, and then your desires must and will manifest into your reality.

How to attract love: SCRIPTING

"Tell the story the way you would like it to be." Daydreaming is a very powerful tool that can assist you in raising your vibration and aligning to the frequency of your Inner Being and all the things that you are wanting.

It's effectiveness comes from thinking about things in a way that feels good, because when you feel good, you are practicing a vibration that is free of resistance (negative emotion) and in the absence of resistance, your vibration always rises. When your Vibration rises, you allow yourself access to the frequency of your Inner Being,  aka your Source (pure positive energy).

People are wanting their own alignment and vibrational independence and I can help to facilitate that. I do that by teaching clients  to establish their own vibrational independence and their core point of attraction without encouraging them to depend on me. 


Key To Manifesting Your Desires:   

Have a desire, sit with it and see and feel it as if it already is ... use your imagination to see it and feel it as you think it would look and feel like.

Law of attraction states, " a thing which is like unto itself is drawn. ", therefore, you always get what you think about whether you want it or not and with that being the case, let's practice on focusing on what we do want, instead of what we don't want and then pay attention as the Universe goes out of its way to turn your thoughts into reality. 

~ Coach Onika ~



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