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The biggest reason you may be living in lack

'Without love, our earth is a tomb' Robert Browning

Nicola Farnhill

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Love is vital in manifesting dreams, but what if we can't access it?

As a therapist and coach for women who feel disconnected from themselves,who often suffer from severe anxiety and depression. I frequently find myself experiences revelations about life.

I recently came into a great awareness that the trauma that some people experience through no fault of their own and often in childhood, has a huge impact on their ability to be abundant.

As they slowly close their hearts to pain, they close to love. Then comes the struggle to love, because it carries with it such a great belief that love indeed, is a great source of pain.

When we find ourselves unable to love, we find the more negative aspects of ones feelings rise to the surface. Jealousy and anger, blame and bitterness, become more predominant as the authentice loving self drowns. 

If you have ever studied or practiced 'The Law of Attraction' you may know that in order to attract what our heart's most desire, we need to ask, receive and believe that it is on it's way. But the essential part of using the LOA and manifesting is loving what we desire, and here is where it gets tricky for someone who has closed their heart. They don't love. They don't have love for themselves, for others or for things in life.And so find it extremely hard to live in abundance and attract it.

To live, life fully. Instead the live in lack.

It's terrible that such people, who have been so tragically hurt, should also have to go through feeling negative and live life in the shadows.

What makes things worse is as time goes on, the person's beliefs about life being cold and not worthy of opening up to are re-enforced. 

I mean why would anyone take the risk of being hurt again and take a chance of opening up their hearts to manifest all the wonders, if they have yet to realize the reality of doing so? Of enjoying the fruits that those around them enjoy.

It is a true saying that love is the highest force and carries the highest vibration and it's that high vibration that comes from it, that helps us create beautiful lives.



Even though contrast shows them everyday, that the life they live is not a good one and there is a better option.

As human beings we want to be comfortable, always. But in taking risks to be uncomfortable we learn that life resides there. In that place where we have to be brave and courageous, their is a treasure chest that awaits all of us. For some it is more excessable than for others. 

Some have to peel back many layers that have developed over years and it's a painful process. 

It may be necessary to have help in a therapist, it may feel at times that you will never get there. But the option of not doing the work and relieving the burdens of the past is really not an option. So for all those out there today, who are battling. I urge you to keep going, to know that life and the universe has as much lined up for you, as it does for anyone else. That you can be, do and have the same as anyone. That life never throws at you more than you have been given to cope and overcome it. That you have all the resources and you have to dig deep within yourself, for them. That at times it will feel like hell, but once you know what hell feels like you will have the abiity to feel paradise too.


Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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