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The importance of 'Emotional Intelligence'

Is a high I.Q? All you need to get by in life? Or is there something else just as valuable that you need to learn ?

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I have been thinking lately about what elements are vital when we are recovering and healing from our past and trying to become a better person and experience more happiness.

We have skills and strategies that come from Psychology based theories; Cognitive behaviour therapy, Neuro linguistic programming, Emotional freedom techniques and many more.

But I honestly believe at the core of all healing is a practice that is overlooked and that practice is one of ‘Emotional Intelligence. 

Intelligence is generally thought of on an intellectual level, but what about being able to manage our emotions to improve and enhance our lives and in society? Should we not take responsibility for the impact we can have on others and also how we create and protect our own happiness? If you have ever experienced anxiety, I have no need to tell you how powerful it can be, taking you to the brink of fear and often paralyzing you. If you have fears of abandonment and separation anxiety, you know that the strong emotions can drive you to do things and act out in ways you never normally would.

Yes it’s true, emotional intelligence is indeed a key player in our lives so why is it not many are teaching it I wonder?

Maybe it’s because emotional intelligence is not directly linked to financial success in society? Yet is it so important. I mean you can have the greatest education and be a fountain of knowledge, but if you cannot go out into the world and share what you know with others, through confidence and belief in yourself, combined with a resilience to let go of rejection, what good is it?

Would you not want to be able to not get offended so easily? To be flexible in your outlook? Be a good judge of character? Play to your strengths, know your weaknesses and choose wisely what people and situations are good for you and be able to say ‘NO’ without feeling fear of guilt, reprisal or rejection?

Imagine being able to delay gratification and avoid taking impulsive action.To let go of mistakes and no longer beat yourself up and berate yourself.

Are you currently able to give without expectation of anything in return? Not hold grudges and either remove toxic people from your life, or manage your way around them so as to not rock your own emotional boat of balance and happiness?

There are many other ways that we can become emotionally intelligent and all of them have a huge impact on the results in our lives, our relationships with ourselves and others, our mental wellbeing, health, wealth and how we experience life on a day to day basis.

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