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Obstacles in your path to success

Locus of Control

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We all have a vision of who we want to be. When we meet our goals, we come closer to being the person which we aspire to be. What happens though then when we do not meet our goals? Well it can be downright devastating and seem impossible to overcome.

Successful people know that there are two types of obstacles, real barriers, and perceived ones. Do you believe that you control the circumstances and outcomes in your life or do you think it's a matter of luck or fate?

In the 60's, a psychologist named JB Rotter introduced the concept of, Locus of Control. Locus of Control is a persons perception of his or her control over events and outcomes. If a person has an internal Locus of Control they believe success is the result of effort and one's own abilities. Alternately, a person with an external Locus of Control attributes outcomes to luck or fate, ultimately outside his or her control.

Research has shown that having an internal Locus of Control correlates to academic success and job satisfaction. These individuals take initiative and responsibility for actions. They tend to be healthier, have less stress and live longer. So, what is your Locus of Control? Do outside forces determine your fate, or do you believe that you have the ability to control personal circumstances, improve conditions and bringing about change? Your ability to succeed is greatly influenced by how you answer the question.



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