I will start this off with small things energy around us tell us,the subconscious energy . Can you think of a song that every time you hear it you can relate it to a memory good or bad, you can see feel and smell what was happening at the moment the song reminds you. That's energy connected to that event . So let's use and example of a subconscious energy that's not so easy to see but effects you . You have a beautiful portrait of family in your home. You love to display it show it off but did you know what your doing every time you look at that portrait is your reliving that moment was it stressful keeping everyone clean and together and happy were you stressed with something on that day ? So that beautiful display carriers negative energy every time you look at it your conscious mind say beautiful but your subconious mind draws in all the negative energy from that day . Those are just two examples of how things effect us physically and mentally when we don't keep a check on our energies. I can help you work though these everyday things that can prevent us from being our better selves , why you can't stick to that diet ,why you pick that aurgument,and why you have a unhealthy relationship with yourself .