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The 8 Great Tips To Have a Good Relationship With Your Partner

To Improve Relationship With Your Partner

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Listening-  You do not hear to reply. You listen to respond. Sometimes it is not about providing mutual suggestions or advice, it is about empathy, assurance and taking efforts to understand each other's points. 

Respect- Mutual respect is important between couples. Never take each others' presence for granted. And always remember this: Never rat about your partner to others. 

Shared Meaning: Engage in activities together. It is not always about eating together, watching movies and drinking wine. It is about involving in spiritual activities, playing chess, interacting face to face about each other's thoughts and emotions.

Intimacy: Sex is a masterpiece in relationship. This is about making love delicately and connecting deep. It is about understanding the needs and importance of each other's bodies. Heard this quote? "In love, you are important; in lust, I am important." Hence, be selfless not selfish. Learn to give and take when making love. Even if you are not making love, there should be hugging and cuddling and "a sense of touch," present in the relationship always.

Space: Learn to give each other space to recharge and rejuvenate.

Never Impose Your Values Onto Your Partner: Stop imposing your values onto your partner. If you are an atheist, never force your partner to stop praying or if you like chicken soup and your partner is a vegetarian, do not force your food habits. It is simple -- let them be happy and calm in their own skin. Accept differences and embrace the moment of togetherness.

Build Good Values Together: Work together on empowering and building good values. For instance, doing donations and helping the less privileged, together. Never join together in developing criticising and negative talk habits. Build good habits and values. Some couples "become united especially when it comes to ratting and ill-talking about others," which is not a positive habit.

Stop Ogling: Stop ogling and making your partner jealous. All of us have flaws and ogling shows some unconscious signs of disrespect, dissatisfaction and unfulfilment with your partner. You might be unaware and be in a complete denial stage about your ogling habits. Your partner "may  appear cool and candid outside but might be hurt inside." Be sensitive towards each other's thoughts and feelings. 

Have a Happy Relationship.

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