Strategic Thinking Made Easy

1.The 3 Cs: Stay calm, composed and conscious, to plan ahead. It is good to keep your thoughts and feelings clear when doing strategic thinking.

2. Attention is an important key: Give your full attention to your plan.

3. Refer to your past experiences, apply methods that have high possibilities of giving you a successful outcome.

4. Discard the unworkable methods, to avoid same errors.

5. The 3 Rs: Research, Read and Reflect.

6. Weigh the pros and cons of your actions.

7. Study your own strengths and limitations, the support from alliances and situation.

8. Receive suggestions from people who have strong experiences in the field you plan to work on.

9. Keep notes.

10. Be aware about biases, assumptions, rigidity, borrowed ideas, negative emotions and naysayers' opinions from hindering your progress and motivation.

11. Apply both vertical and lateral thinking skills.

12. Be receptive to healthy suggestions, ideas, opinions and constructive feedbacks but remember to finalise the plan with your own creativity.

13. Hope for the best and be prepared for set  backs.

14. Enter into actions with boldness and press towards your success mark. In times of sincere efforts and struggles, failures are reputable medals you should wear with honour.

15. View self-doubt, resistance and set backs as fuel for your flame of success.

16. Improvise your next level of thinking and actions.

17. Share your success and guide others.

18. Continue learning.

19. Opportune and consistency. Take actions at the right time and take small steps daily towards your goal.

20. Give yourself regular breaks. A well rested mind and body will function at it's best and think with clarity.

21. Visualise your successful outcome