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Climb out of your Problems using ROPES

Guides readers to solve problems.

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Climb out of your Problems using ROPES.

1. Practice Conscious Breathing 

Take some time about five to ten minutes to breathe in and out, paying attention to your breath. It calms you physically, mentally and emotionally.

2. Tell yourself to stay calm. Tell yourself again and again. "I am calm."

3. Believe that you are greater and stronger than the problem that is ahead of you.

4. Study the problem and look for ropes in the problem/difficult situations.

5. Use the ropes to your best advantage. Tell yourself in the midst of chaos, there are ropes for you to climb out of any problem/difficult situation.

6. Never let the problem cloud your thinking and feelings.

7. Take breaks in between and re-charge yourself.

8. Remain balanced and focus on what matters to you, your needs and desired outcomes.

9. Simple ways work better. Use less complex methods to solve problems. Go from point A to point B. Do not move from point A to point C and then to point B unless it is necessary. You need to save your energy when dealing with problems/difficult situations, never exhaust yourself while finding solutions.

10. Write down how you solved the problem. Evaluate your strategy (workable and unworkable methods), sharpen and reapply it. 

What are ROPES?
Resources, Opportunities, Possibilities, Exceptions and Strengthens.


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