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Reverence to Self-Reflections: The Gateway to Higher Sense of Self-Awareness

This article highlights the importance of self- reflection and guides reader on self-questioning.

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The purpose of self-reflection is to know about ourselves. By knowing about ourselves, we raise our sense of self- awareness. Why does one has to raise self-awareness? A higher sense of self-awareness hones our ability to solve problems, control and manage challenging situations, comprehend and communicate effectively and develop personal responsibility in making choices and decisions that suit our best interests.

Imagine either coming across a colleague who spews satirical remarks about your new tie and shoes or a boss who constantly nags and finds flaws in everyone's work, what does these behaviour about such a colleague and boss reflect? It reflects their poor sense of self-awareness; and your reactions or responses to these people and situations reflect yours.

So how could we manage these impelling forces that are beyond our locus of control? How could we remain grounded and shrewd and respond in an assertive and adroit manner? One way is to sharpen our sense of self awareness through good reflective questions, when I say good reflective questions I m referring to questions that are radical and not just touching the tip of the iceberg. 

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Dharan Murali


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We should constantly ask ourselves questions about our own thoughts, feelings, actions and behavior. We should be aware that thoughts generate feelings in us and we start to act and behave in a way our thoughts and feelings drive us. Hence, to be completely aware of ourselves, it is imperative to be a witness of our own thoughts and feelings, and be watchful over our speech, actions and behaviour.

We can practice by asking ourselves these questions during self reflection:

1) Why am I thinking in this way?
2) What caused this thought to develop in my mind?
3) How did this thought came into my mind? 
4) From where or whom did this thought came to me?
5) How do I feel whenever this thought arises in me?
6) What would happen if I act out this thought?
7) What happens if I allow this thought to take control over me?
8) What are the effects of this thought remaining in me?
9) How could I use this thought as a fuel to overcome the challenging person or situation in an assertive way?
10) Why do I speak, act or behave in this way?
11) Does my speech, actions and behavior align, with respect and sensitivity for the thoughts and feelings of myself and others?
12) Does my speech, actions and behavior align, with values, beliefs and culture sensitivity of myself and others?
13) Are my actions, behaviour and speech morally right?

The above questions are suggested to help those who are battling with personal issues and challenging situations. Of course, self- reflection is like walking into a deep dark cave and new questions will surface 'during the walk towards thyself.'  The ultimate goal of self reflection is to grow and strengthen our sense of self- awarenesss and personhood. Thus, enjoy the process and create a stronger, smarter and better version of yourself. 

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