When I first approached Reiki to become a practitioner one of the main point that made my heart beat faster and the eyes shine, was the knowledge of being able, in the second degree, to perform distant healing.

I started to live abroad when I was 23 years old, the first country was Australia and as you can imagine a 1 week trip to visit my family every now and then, wasn't an option.

For as much as I was enjoying my life and wouldn't go back for anything in the world, I admit I suffered for not being able to physically be present in helping my family and my friends, especially when they were calling to share struggles and difficulties.

The sense of impotence was overwhelming at times and hard to shake off. Even so, I persisted and tried my best even by distance.

But when I found out there was a way to actually HELP my beloved people, even from far away, I HAD TO learn it and do it.

This led me to spontaneously send healing to my family and friends. Was normal to me since I always had a deep connection to my people and to feel them by distance wasn't hard at all. Never had the slightest doubt that the healing wasn't working.

But I can understand the point of view of someone that never experienced anything like that, let alone a distance healing session or attunement, for that matter.

I had my first degree attunement in person and 2nd and Master by distance and yes, the experience it is different but not because of the physical presence of the Teacher.

It is our expectation of what we 'should' feel that hinders the experience itself.

The first degree attunement in presence was intense and mystical, felt the very same night unbearable heat in my hands and heard my father's voice for the first time after he trepassed.

The distance attunements were very different but nevertheless powerful.

My abilities to channel increased exponentially but gradually, while after the first attunement the physical perception was heighthened instantly.

Again, wasn't a matter of an 'in person or by distance' procedure, but of what we make of the experience and the preconceived idea we have about it.

The fact that you believe something is working or not doesn't change the results, but it does change the way you perceive it.

The intentions that you put into something, on the contrary, affects the outcome 100%.

When Reiju is performed by a Master Teacher in the Reiki healing discipline, it is the intention of the Teacher that changes the game.

The Master has to be open, wholeheartedly open, to pass onto his/her recepient/student the gift of wisdom that comes from connecting to the divine source of all things and resides in all of us.

It is a remembrance of what it is like to be connected to the source more than a transmission of anything.

The recipient/student, on the other hand, has to be willing to open up, wholeheartedly, to the gift of life that already is present in all of us.

Because this is the first step to be able to self-heal, consciously accessing what is already there.

Once you're able to identify this gift into yourself, then is natural you expand it outwardly to others; to be able to reactivate it with them while performing a healing session.

This is my experience of Reiju, from a student and teacher perspective.

Many may agree or disagree, surely no one have had the same experience because we are unique and this beautiful uniqueness is what makes us Us.


With very much Love & Care ❤️