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“The heartbeats were so strong that it seemed to break the eardrums, the breath so broken that you felt all the suffering of humanity.

Sweat and tears mingled in an infernal river that burned in the eyes.

She had been running for so long that the chestnut curls had grown very long and leapt on her back like crazy grasshoppers looking for a hold.

The darkness around was thick and clung to her throat, preventing her from screaming as dry branches scratched her legs and soul with impeccable, subtle but very deep lashes.

Sharp stones and wet leaves kept her falling to the ground and a morbid wind pushed her back and confused her mind.

She had no direction but she just knew she had to keep running and getting up again, every time.

That voice whispered something inaudible and imposing and she kept following it. Thunder. Silences. Lava. Quicksand. Snowy mountains. Arid deserts.

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Lara Morrone


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And then ... an indistinguishable light, very distant. It still did not exist but it was already beginning to press in the dark, to melt the snow, to stop the wind, to cut the dead branches.

There are two ways of reacting to difficulties: darken, dry up, seek justification in victimhood, or light up, soften and respond with light to darkness.

That girl who was running chose the light ... and you, what do you choose?”

Translated from the Original Italian Version of Author - Sabrina Pellegrini


In this piece, a wonderful and talented woman which happens to be a dear friend of mine and a great writer, Sabrina explained she wrote inspired by me, but also represents her. In this community we found the connection required to describe such deep evocative words.

I realized this journey, or better, quest is what many go through and can relate to. Everyone, sooner or later, faces what is “the dark night of the soul” .

At first we are propelled forward to survive, we may get stuck somewhere, or even feeling totally lost and wandering with no direction.

Eventually, we become conscious of our own quest, we realize we are the ones accountable and instead of running, we face our fears and acknowledge the treasure we can find in the darkness. We begin to hear our inner guide, a whisper at first, and by choosing to listen, we keep going, trusting.

When we eventually are capable of perceiving the flebile light, becoming stronger and stronger, we realize that everything we were running from, everything we were scared of, everything that was in us and around us, was of our own making, as we now understand and feel, the light also is of our own making.

There is no light without darkness, there’s no darkness without light. But eventually, we began to comprehend light and darkness belongs to one, single matrix, us as a whole.

And when you understand that, when the duality becomes our way to experience fully all that there is and the lack of it at the same time, we truly evolve into something else.

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