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Overcoming & Managing Mental Health Issues.

Everyone in some point of our life will encounter mental health issues. However, there are ways to overcome & manage it well

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Life is never a bed of roses and there are always ups and downs period. One day, we will encounter obstacles. Be it in work, family, relationship, friendship, health, death and so forth, there are always time to heal and being able to come forward to talk about it is the inital step towards success of overcoming and managing it.

During time of doubting yourslef, you will be overwhelmed with all negative thoughts and behaviours such as reluctantly to seek treatment, feeling worthlessness, helpless and even having low self esteem. In this situation, there are some ways you can do such as:

Seek a proper treatment - You may deny the need of having treatment. Do not let the fear of being labeled with a mental illness prevent you from seeking help. Treatment can provide relief by identifying what's wrong and reducing symptoms that interfere with your work and personal life

Psychotherapy - Psychotherapy is the therapeutic treatment of mental illness provided by a trained mental health professional. It explores thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and seeks to improve an individual’s well-being. For certain mental problems, it has to be paired with medication in resulting in more effective way to promote recovery. Examples include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exposure Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, etc.

Don't isolate yourself - If you are affected by mental illness, you may be unwilling to tell anyone about it. Your family, friends or members of your community can offer you support if they know about your mental illness. Reach out to people you trust for the compassion, support and understanding you need. Look for a counselor to assist you.

Do not equate yourself with your illness. - Do not keep your give yourself a label. You are not an illness and there are ways to handle your problems.

Join a support group - A support group is a group meeting where members guide each other towards the shared goal of recovery. Support groups are often comprised of nonprofessionals, but peers that have suffered from similar experiences.

The above lists can goes on but nothing can get done if you are not willing to move forward. Believe in yourself and get proper treatments in order to improve your quality of life and overcoming your obstacles, your future lies in your hands. I strongly believe as a counselor, I am able to bring you forward in managing and handling your situations to a recovery path in the near future.


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