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Benefits of Experience Marketing – Healthcare case

This article was published in an argentine medical magazine. The Experience Marketing can be implemented in every sector, I share the health case because this industry is very reluctant to marketing, and I had very good results implementing this philosoph

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The customer experience when consuming a product or service is a source of emotions with a high weight in the purchase decision.


If the experience is memorable, he or she will become a loyal customer and promoter of your brand. There is no advertising or promotion that can replace this effect.


This is very important in health sector services. The patient does not have the necessary knowledge to assess whether the procedure performed is correct, in principle it is based on the results. But for the same results, assuming that most professionals heal their patients or solve their problems, what motivates the patient to choose one professional or institution over another? Provide a pleasant health experience


The quality and effectiveness of the service provided have become a commodity, most institutions and medical professionals offer the same. Competitive advantages today are built by providing the patient with a memorable experience. It is the “How” the service is delivered that makes the difference.

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Pablo Abram

Business Coach

55 $ / session

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Experience Marketing works on the value management of the offer (product or service) through emotional experiences of the consumer in the communication and the consumption. It not only includes advertising and promotion, but also how the service is provided.


Communication pieces are designed to represent the true identity of the company, and each point of contact with the consumer is optimized to avoid disappointment.


Advertising pieces should appeal to the consumer's needs and feelings, without creating false expectations. They must highlight the competitive advantages of the medical professional or institution, without transmitting the wrong message. Promote their health benefits in a clear way.


How the client interacts with the healthcare entity, at each stage of the process, has strong influence on their experience. In each contact with the company, the patient has an experience that feed the building of the company image, which she or he then shares with acquaintances.


This tool is adapted to each specialty and each professional, enhancing their strengths. Build an identity of your company that is difficult to copy, becoming a competitive advantage.


In addition, the consumer is willing to pay more for a good experience, avoiding a price war, protecting their profitability.

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