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Here's How You Deal With Confusion.

Brain fog is simply the result of a mind that is thinking too much. Become present and listen for your intuition...

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When we feel confused about anything, it is because we have a multitude of thoughts on the 'subject' which pulls us in opposite directions. This overthinking, creates a type of brain fog, said with all the sincerity of a previous overthinker. When we are definite about an objective, we only have one predominant thought. That of which we want. We have focus, single mindedness. There is no resistance from within and the path lights up infront of you. 

Confusion comes when there is a divide between what we want (positive) and what we think we need to do in order to achieve it. If you think about it, you most often know what you want but are confused as to how you will go about achieving it. This is a common occurence for most of us, until we learn about the Law of Attraction. 

The Law of Attraction is one of the Universal laws which states that 'like attracts like', the energy you give out will be reflected back to you in terms of the conditions of your life. Now, to understand how to gain control over our energy and change the circumstances of our lives we must look to our beliefs, because it is our beliefs that set the tone for the energy which we transmit. If you were to listen to your conversations whether internally or expressed you will find that there are a number of beliefs that are negative in nature. These beliefs you will see, if you take time to do some introspection, have taken up residence within you but they largely belong to other people. You then take on these ideas about life and yourself, mostly without question and when they do not coincide with the vision you have inside you become confused as what to do. 


The first thing to do when you are confused is to become present, so that you can stop the mind chatter and just be present in your body, this is done through the meditative practice of mindfulness. By becoming more present often through-out the day you make space for your true desire to show itself to you. The problem is that most of us do not allow ourselves to want what we truly want because we don't know how to get it.

Once you gain clarity as to what you really want, think of it as if you have it now. Does it feel good?

Now notice the thoughts which are telling you that this is not the best option or an improbable option. Are the thoughts coming up negative/limiting? Investigate your limited thinking. Why do you think you need to compromise? Is it the thoughts of other people that is making you confused? There will always be one option that shouts out to you more when you silence yourself.


Your desires to manifest something in your life is the Universe acting through you. Think about a flower, there are a variety of flowers but flowers are not confused as to which direction to grow in or what their purpose is. They allow their blueprint to dictate that and then simply, 'go with the flow'. We humans also have a blueprint and it is a blueprint for success but we cover the guidance from the Universe with thoughts. Thoughts which leads us to confusion because we think we have to 'make something happen'. When instead we have the thought of confidence that we already know what to do and we silence our mind and trust that the answer will be revealed, it will be.

Trust that if I have a desire then you also have the means to fulfill it. Despite what the situation might look like trust that the rest of the piece of the puzzle will fall into place.


Decide on what you want and decide to make it work and the ways in order to do so will appear. Trust your feelings and decide that whatever option you choose it will work in your favor. There is no wrong way or right way to do things. Even bad choice can lead to good results even if we learn the lessons presented in them. 


Do the things that call deeply to your soul. You are here on this earth to manifest, love, happiness and to spread those emotions to others. The same way in which the flower manifests happiness for those who gaze upon it. So follow and do the things that will bring you the greatest amount of bliss. Your clarity of mind comes when you are no longer divided.

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