It takes time to cultivate a mind which is free from the weeds of injurious thoughts; criticism, judgement, obligations, fear and guilt.

But if peace of mind and joy is what you are ultimately striving for then it doesn't matter how long it takes - for the journey must be undertaken.

You must first experience peace within yourself before it can be experienced with consistency in the makings of your life.

The way to experience this peace is by letting go of your dualistic thinking. The thinking that has you wanting to categorize things into right and wrong, good and bad.

Peace comes when we allow what is to be. When we stop resisting what is but search for the highest thought on the subject. What good is there in this for me to find? And then, what action is there for me to take?

It is only when we fully accept both the light and shadow sides of ourselves as being two sides of the same coin, that we will feel at peace wherever we go. And because we are no longer hostile, the world responds to us beautifully.