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10 Rules to Planning and Structure

Planning is the Key Road Map to achieve the results and destination we want to get to. Many people forget the basics requirements for a plan to work and succeed.

George Solomon

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As individuals we all could do better if we plan and work towards SMART goals. As a company leader your business will benefit greatly from setting plans and structure.

Here are some key tips

1.      Plan to plan. Give time for planning and Organising

2.      Set your vision and mission. What’s the big picture? What are you trying to achieve? How will you deliver? Write down your vision.

3.      Positioning. Understand your market position before you develop strategy

4.      SMART goals. Set Specific Measured And Realistic Targets and write them down.

5.      Market research. Get comprehensive information about the market, competition, and finance.

6.      Communicate. Clearly communicate your vision and strategy to team to link planning with implementation.

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George Solomon

Life Coach

50 $ / session

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7.      Team Synergy. Ensure your team have bought into the vision and are ready for the journey.

8.      Set deadlines and budgets. Schedule every task and set budgets.

9.      Test and adjust. Monitor progress on all tasks and adjust your course.

10. Measure results. Evaluation prevents sluggishness and exaggeration

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