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By embracing your feminine leadership and self-mastery skills, the external success, confidence and romance comes so much easier. If you are tired of what is not working, let me show you another way. It's about the balance and alignment of your glorious

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Do you feel like a confident woman? Someone asked me the other day if I thought others understood what I meant when I talked about being a confident woman with feminine power or with feminine energy. My answer was “probably not all.”  But some do and more will. I haven’t always understood the meaning behind those words either – the truth is I continue to get it more all the time.

It has been through my own life experiences and personal growth as a confident woman that lead me to this most empowering information which has literally changed my life.  (I  also say this about the discovery of the law of attraction, which I often talk about.) 

I used to think to be a confident woman of having feminine power meant to be a bitch or to force your opinion, to be demanding or a “not take any crap from anyone” kind of attitude.  You know, to be like a man in a woman’s body.   But that is not at all what I understand now.

Unfortunately, it might be our society that teaches us this dis-empowering description.  And why we are so confused at times.

What I know now is it’s not the forcing of our personal power but rather quite the opposite.  It is more powerful than a forcing of action on the exterior of our being because it is an internal energy that aligns with our innate being.

I’ve always heard women described in ways of nurturing, passive or emotional.   Often the descriptions have a weakness undertone.

When I speak about feminine energy these days I am not speaking toward weakness or force – or only about women.  

Most of my life has been in un-awareness of the feminine mystique, but 10 years ago I begin to delve into this topic as it came naturally to me through the intentional seeking of personal improvement in myself and my life.  

In my personal experience of becoming a more confident as a woman and diminishing behaviors of low self-esteem has definitely been due to the understanding of BALANCING the feminine and masculine energies within me – and yes we all have both.  

Let me explain what it means to be in your masculine or feminine energy along with some of the traits of each.

When a person (male or female) is primarily in masculine energy some of the ways they behave include: aggressive, decisive, logical, protective, competitive, planning, controlling, and end result oriented.

When a person is primarily in feminine energy their characteristics often include: intuitive, cooperative, receiving, emotional, collaborative, flexible, magnetic and journey oriented.

None of these traits are bad or undesirable. In fact, all of these characteristics are beneficial. As you read through both sets of traits, something becomes evident though. Masculine energies are primarily about “doing,” while feminine energies speak to “being.”  The key is to understand when each serves us and to be able to identify if we’re out of balance and how to get back in alignment.

I became aware of my ‘out of balance’ while working in a corporate high demanding job.  This was also a time when I was divorced and living on my own for the first time in my life.  I exhausted from work – although making good money, I would often drive to and from work in tears because it just wasn’t allowing me to be me.  

It was a transformational time in my life and I wouldn’t change it for anything – although some of that transformation pushed me out of my comfort zone often while kicking and screaming. 

But it also pushed me into being a more confident woman who knows what she wants, knows what to do when things get a little crazy and even understands how to better communicate with men.  In fact, I believe this to be the key reason why I am now with my soul mate.  I know that we would not have met had I not been on a path to go deeper into building myself first so I could (develop the deeper relationship with my now husband. (I would say it has even turned out to be amazing marriage advice too.)

So when I speak of feminine power or feminine energy, I have a strong belief in the support it can offer women to look a closer within and see if they are out of balance with their own masculine and feminine energy.  As women, we are often taught to be like men if we are to be successful.  Also, to be stronger in the masculine ways of competition, doing it all ourselves, or being in our ‘head’ all the time.

When we can allow ourselves to receive, to collaborate, and to ‘feel’ before doing, we can begin to de-stress and hear our internal guidance on what actions to take first instead of the other way around

We can show up in romantic partnerships (and all relationships)more confident in who we are and let him be who he is – this is super important for harmony in love.  He does not want to be with a masculine woman in the private moments of our time together. 

 Are you loving this information as much as I do?  With a deeper understanding of ourselves, we really can be the woman we want to be.  To exude a confidence that inspires others and allows us to fulfill our dreams and desires.   

I am passionate to help you live out your legacy and consciously create a life, career and even your passionate, purposeful business.   I’ve had the honor to mentor many women do just that by getting clear, confident and committed on what they really want.  

By embracing your feminine leadership and self-mastery skills, the external success comes so much easier.  If you are tired of what is not working, let me show you another way.  Free consultation available.  See all options offered plus testimonies.  

Ready darling? 

Let's make this year and next one of utter excitement and success! 

Teresa Salhi


Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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