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How often does the Archetypal pattern of Self Sabotage show up in your daily life?

Understanding the 4 Survival Archetypes & how they effect our daily lives is extremely important for SO many reasons!

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Understanding the 4 Survival Archetypes & how they effect our daily lives is extremely important as we are making choices every minute, consciously or unconsciously, and these decisions either empower or dissempower you!

If you keep repeating the same mistakes & are tired of letting yourself down: sit down and take some notes considering seriously 'How you feel about...' the following:

1) How do you feel about your current environment (work & home life)? List the positive areas & the negative.

2) How do you feel about the people around you (family, friends & colleagues), what kind of dialogue are you immersing yourself in & around, are you inspired by the words and actions of those around you, or not? Are they supportive of you, your hopes and aspirations, or not?

3) Do you have an idea (hope or dream) of how you wish your future to be, or not at all?
If you have: do you know what it looks like, when & how you will get there?...

Sadly, we don't take the time to reflect and re-evaluate our lives often enough in order to ‘course-correct’ at the moments when change is most needed.
We've become disconnected from our intuition (to what our soul is communicating to us) because we allow life stresses & outside factors to take priority over our time, thoughts and energy.
Then as the years pass-by underlaying tensions build and our health is eventually effected.

Reflection & life re-sets are ABSOLUTELY necessary from time to time should we wish to remain (or become) holistically healthy! So, NEVER feel guilty about being honest with yourself and when you speak about how you feel with others.
For some of us it’s our life’s work, to have the courage to speak-up and it’s ok if so. It is although CRUCIAL for our soul that we give it a go!... avoiding conversations and situations that may feel scary will only come back around, again and again until we face them and move through them. 

If you wish to explore the deeper the reasons why we struggle with destructive behaviour patterns such as Self Sabotage then I invite you to learn about the profound language of Archetypes and Sacred Contracts. Archetypes are universal patterns of power that literally govern our behaviour, and should be considered seriously should you be struggling with low self-esteem, procrastination, a life transition, forward movement or healing from a past event or trauma of any kind. 

The realisation of Sacred Contracts and Archetypal forces came only 5 years ago to me, at the end of a long personal healing journey of over 30 years. Learing how they relate to my life helped me to 'join the dots' of my past and empowered me to take control of my life.

These modalities literally form a map and give us a deep understanding of who we've become today and gently they direct us away from simply accepting our life situation as fate, to instead charting our destiny!

The exploration to be done around these two healing practices is one of the first steps I share with clients because they enable quite simply; acceptance, surrender, clarity of purpose and authentic empowerment moving forward . They are honestly very POWERFUL to embrace ✨


Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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