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Do you know what NLP means?

Neuro Linguistic Programming works by de-stabilising those unwanted and frustrating ‘programmes’ in your brain.

Tanja Volic

Life Coach

129 $ / session

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Neuro Linguistic Programming works by de-stabilising those unwanted and frustrating ‘programmes’ in your brain, the ones which are causing problems for you. So anything that the brain has learnt, that is no longer useful, can be ‘un-learnt’. More importantly NLP builds new, positive patterns in the brain, which bring about positive thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It literally works by ‘re-wiring’ your brain, for positive and desired change, and allows you to not only make change, but also to feel good!

This process is called ‘Neural Plasticity’, meaning that instead of our brains being static lumps of matter, which deliver genetically programmed instructions to the mind and the body, our brains are actually able to be molded and shaped. We are in charge of shaping our brains, in turn we can also be in charge of re-designing our thought patterns, feelings, responses and ultimately our behaviours. How liberating! In changing your thinking, you can begin the steps to changing your life.


My clients success stories:

Oh my God! I had a life changing experience ... Tanja you were wonderful and I mean it! I feel so different after this session and I kind of can not stop smiling - it’s crazy. You really helped me to understand what was deeply inside me and that was bothering me all this years ... I feel very much free and spiritual after the exercises which we did , they were just mind-blowing and all the tips and information which you gave it is priceless!!! So big and exiting work on myself ahead! Thank you so much my coach!

Yulia Loburetc from Russia

  • I did not have any expectations about NLP session and after the session with Tanja and I was speechless. What happened, really surprised me in a positive way and it was unbelievable what I conciously discovered in my subconcious mind. I am very grateful for this experience which definitely showed me what was bothering me for so long. Thank you dear Tanja for everything! Thank you for your coaching, all the help you have given me, and millions of useful information. You really are a great girl! I highly recommend everyone to book a session with her and see what is hiding in their minds and how easy they can heal themselves and do any progress. Everyone should give a try to this kind of coaching.

    Lea Novinšek from Slovenia

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