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Anatomy of an injury up there

Why do we get the desire to bring things back to normal? is it normal to think this way? how can we enable our selves to be stronger post a trauma, what is it that can enable us to cope? is it covering up or something else.

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Locked in our personal cages, it is very common that we do not want to share or discuss what grieves us, what we miss, what has been lost, and how it happened. We usually adjust, re adjust and keep adjusting  till all that we are left is a shallow piece of meat. The heart that once beats in the rhythm of love, seems to have lost its tune. The pied piper who blew his pipe, leading us in life gets lost in the mist. We are not willing to loose, not willing to accept reality, though we know it is not the same but we believe it will be fine. All we need is just, the time back. The feel back, the life back

Is “back something positive? Is it what we desire? The answer it self is complex? the answer lies in asking  yourself am I the same? The damage, the scar the hopelessness has it hurt me or has it left me the same. If the answer is yes I have changed, the scar has healed but the new skin is different. It just not is the same as the older, softer and untroubled ORIGINAL skin. The feel is different so how can you keep emphasizing on puting everything in a place. It sure will not fit in the mold it once did.

Going through a trauma is a strange bitter blessing it lets you understand the capacity that you have and how you can grow with that capacity. What you need to build in your own absence and what is that you seek in the presence of others.  Injuries that are simple and injuries that are complex are all dealt by an autonomic system. The fight and flight mechanism is triggered and this is what keeps us from collapsing.

But alot of times we also need to know how to tailor our internal systems by giving them space, time and consideration.

Think of the last trauma that you faced and think about the damage control machanisim that you developed ? is it sustainable if not then it is high time to think about things that matter to you the most.

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