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Spontaneity - A delectable slice of life

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Spontaneity - A Delectable Spice of Life: How You Can Get More of It


Most of us are creatures of habit who like to create routines for ourselves and stick with them. These routines can be helpful in some ways as they enable us to get things done. However, too much routine can leave you feeling like there certainly must be something more to life, wondering what it is, and how you can add it to your own life.


Becoming more spontaneous will add spice and adventure to your life and help you to leave boredom behind.


Luckily, there are some easy things you can do to add spontaneity to your life on a regular basis.


Get more out of life! Use these strategies to become more spontaneous:




    • Take a different route. For example, if you usually jog a certain route, try taking a different route to see what happens. Take the scenic route to work or home. Turn on a different street and see what’s there.
    • Do something out of its regular order. When you shake up the routine a bit, it makes you see things differently. For example, switch around breakfast and supper. Eat dessert first. Add an extra playtime with your kids, even if it’s just one short game.


    • Let someone else choose the film.
    • Explore a place in your city that you’ve never been.
    • Visit your local tourist attractions. It’s likely that, as a resident, you’ve never been there. Do some research into unusual places, like alligator farms or train museums.
    • Choose a different type of holiday or destination. For example, instead of always going to the beach, go to the mountains. Try a new city or country.
    • Try a new hobby. Take salsa lessons. Paint a picture. Learn to play a musical instrument. Go to a rodeo.


Becoming more spontaneous doesn’t mean that you need to stop making plans or thinking long-term. Simply leave a little room for slight deviations and take action to do something differently each day. You’ll be glad you did!


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