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What if I said I could change your life?

Time to change?

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What if I said I could change your life?A sign in front of a brick building

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Would you believe me?

Most people wouldn’t.

And I wouldn’t blame them because we see the phrase used so often.

It appears in commercials, Facebook advertising, LinkedIn and a host of other social media and advertising platforms.

The problem is, most are intended to sell you the latest wonder remedy for weight loss, or fitness or a new fashionable movement that promises to help you make millions.

The one thing they all have in common are that they are just gimmicks because NO ONE CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU.




There isn’t a magic bullet or chant that will change your life, there isn’t a ‘system’ that will resolve your issues, any more than the Emperor really did have new clothes!


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Change Takes Time

And it takes courage.

And that’s where we come in.

I’m not offering you ‘new clothes’ like the Emperor was promised, nor am I going to promise you easy solutions or a magic bullet.

But I am offering you the chance to change your life through transformative counselling and coaching.

No gimmicky language or boasts.

I’m a counselor and coach with over 1000hrs of counselling and coaching experience.

I’ve worked with families, couples, individuals, I’ve helped clients overcome addiction and negative thoughts, I’ve helped men and women build confidence and self-esteem and I’ve helped young people find their place in the world, and I’ve helped people just like you.

I don’t believe that your problems should be resolved by you ‘getting on with it’, I believe you deserve happiness and to live a fulfilled life and I know I can help you achieve it.

Counselling and coaching are talking therapies, that’s it.


The chance to express how you feel, what you are struggling with, your relationships, your children, your work colleagues, your friends with someone who has lived your life, and has the skills and experience to help you find the resolutions you need.

In a safe, secure, private environment where you can express yourself, freely, and without judgement or bias.

I’m here. I’m listening.

You are no longer alone.


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