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Healthy Habits That Changed My Life.

I am sharing healthy habits that changed my life.

Shema Hassan

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Healthy Habits That Changed My Life.

  1. Get rid of and pay less attention to the negative thoughts that you have.

We don’t have control of the thoughts that pop into our heads but we do have control of whether we let those thoughts consume us, whether we give thoughts power or pay attention to it. We have the ability to redirect those thoughts to more positive thoughts. Our thoughts are so powerful and they affect us in a great way. Our thoughts govern our emotions, our emotions govern our behavior, our behavior governs our actions and our actions govern our destiny. That is why it is so crucial we pay attention to our thoughts and constantly try to redirect it to the positive.


  1. Be gentle and kind to yourself.

It is so important to speak to yourself in a kind and gentle manner. Forgive yourself for past mistake, when things don’t go your way don’t be too hard on yourself. Learn from your failures and always remind yourself of all that you have accomplished. It is inevitable that as human beings we will fail, we will make mistakes but the key is to learn from those mistakes and grow from the fall.

  1. Change the language that you use.

Speak to yourself in a kind matter; tell yourself that “you are capable and deserving”. Instead of saying “I am a failure” say I have learned from these mistakes and will use it to be stronger”.


  1. Practice daily gratitude.


We all have things we are grateful for; by naming a couple of things you are grateful for you will feel more content and happy. You will see all the things that you do have and have taken granted for. Practicing daily gratitude you will be more positive because you are maximizing your blessings and minimizing your misfortunes.



  1. Be out in nature more.

Being outdoor helps relieve stress, it boosts serotonine levels and helps boost your mood.


  1. Make sure you have positive people around.


The people that you have around you can either hinder or help your growth.


  1. Try to look at the positive in every situation.


Things will not go well or in our favor at time and that’s part of life. However we have the ability not to allow these misfortunes to ruin our day, there is always a silver linning in every situation. The bad situations teach us patience and we learn and grow from it. Push forward in these situations and always find the silver lining.


  1. You have to be a positive person yourself.

What you put out is what you get back. Therefore be positive, be kind and spread love always.


  1. Eat healthy and sleep well.





Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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