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Be the boss you have ever wanted to have

In your own business you cannot be a producer or a doer, since what your business demands the most is a leader and a manager

Marcell Kovacs

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Be the boss you have ever wanted to have

In the previous part of this article, we advised getting rid of employee mindset and instead of being your own boss try to become the leader you would like to have.

We did so, because being your own boss” is a self-realizing prediction as it projects that you are still someone who requires a leader and needs to be told what to do. However, in your own business you cannot be a producer or a doer, since what your business demands the most is a leader and a manager. Instead of being you own boss, you should rather say “I am the boss I want to have”.

Even this little play with the words can put a huge amount of weight from your shoulder, since you can stop worrying about the actual production. If you can incorporate a “boss” mindset instead of the employee one, you can see yourself and your productivity from a different perspective. Instead of being a worker, trying to keep up with the deadlines and struggle with fatigue, you can consider yourself as your own human resource and see your own performance from above. Instead of blaming yourself for not being productive enough, you can start thinking on how to manage and utilize your given performance the best. Instead of desperately trying to produce more, you can focus on optimizing your processes and create yourself the best possible environment to work in.

It is a way to fight through

Being a boss and being responsible for the whole process from the beginning to the end is difficult, especially in the case of small and new enterprises, where the leadership must step into production when the business demands it. This is hard to balance between the role of the leader and the role of the employee – and in this situation every little fail causes a double pain, since it is easy to feel that you failed both as a worker and as a boss.

Struggling with anxiety, fatigue and even waves of depression is problem for more new-business owners than those who admit it. It is no wonder: even though a business is destined to success, it is very difficult to feel secure when there is a two-front fight. Mental health and well-being, however, are important, especially at the very beginning, when almost all of the decisions are in one hand.

Keeping the balance is a key to success, especially in the first, fragile times. Even at the very beginning, it is worth to calculate with the learning process and give ourselves time and mental space to fight through the first difficulties. It is a good idea to look for opportunities for recreation and ventilation. Visiting a therapist may also be useful, however, it is often easier to grab problems by the roots.

Business coaching and consultation offer a personalized help before the waves splash together above the head. A third party point of view, custom advices and professional support put the weight off from the shoulders and assisting to a more confident decision making process. Wish to try it? Let us to meet you for a coffee. [LINK]

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