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First off, Chosen One is just a term; don’t make it more than that.

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What Is A Chosen One?

First off, Chosen One is just a term; don’t make it more than that. Secondly, you are more awake and aware than the average sheep, so you will think, act, and feel different from most people.

The majority of people are fixed-minded, traditional, and mentally programmed to do things in a continuous circle. They seldom question their belief systems.

Divine beings are chosen to help their generation prosper and evolve in every lifetime. The chosen ones have an abundance of energy that can help humankind.

Some of the chosen ones suffer at the beginning of their journey because they always put others people’s priorities before them.

In their younger days, they will be too trusting and forgiving with people. As you get older, you will learn to protect your peace.

Being a chosen one is not easy in a world where people go with the flow and follow the herd. You are an outside-of-the-box type of person, and what the majority feels is acceptable feels deplorable to you.

Remember, you are a soul/spirit, not a body. Your body is your vehicle, but not who you are. With that being said, Chosen Ones come in all shapes, colors, and sizes across the globe.

You felt ” Destined for Greatness ” at points in your life, especially while younger. However, as your life journey went on, you had more unwanted experiences “pop” into your life and felt that you were being held back somehow.

You may feel weak at times, but you are much stronger than the average human. During the struggles, and the tough times, your spiritual growth snowballs.

Signs You Are a Chosen One

  • You feel as if you don’t belong in this world
  • People tend to mock you, ignore you, or take advantage of you
  • You don’t really “fit in” anywhere
  • You’re a true natural leader. You cannot follow the status quo
  • You question everything
  • Being you ‘triggers’ the demons inside of others
  • You ‘dim your light’ around people you don’t know
  • Exposing wickedness in this world appeals to you
  • Feelings of loneliness, wondering why you are different and can’t connect with anyone.
  • You ponder deep philosophical questions.
  • People for no reason start “tweaking or tripping” at you
  • Your light attracts ‘broken people’ in hopes that you can fix or alleviate their suffering
  • Life seems to be more challenging to you, with more obstacles than other people
  • Have an inner knowing of your potential to impact the world
  • You are targeted by the Devil, Demons, Satan, and Evil Beings
  • You walk a different path in life
  • Have a strong desire to uncover the truth about the world you live in
  • You are naturally a kind person (but suffer from anger and frustration)
  • You get ‘hated on,’ but then copied
  • You had a painfully difficult childhood
  • They understand that their words and actions (no matter how big or small) have a significant impact on raising the awareness and positive vibrations among people.
  • You enjoy your freedom and despise anyone or anything that tries to restrict you.
  • Suffered many relentless spiritual attacks/warfare – rejection, gaslighting, gossiping, betrayal; some attacks come from family members and friends.
  • You are sent to certain places/ environments to ‘air them out energetically.’
  • You are the one to break generational curses in your family
  • You seek solace in solitude
  • You are an observer of the world and questioning it
  • You feel stuck and unfulfilled in this world
  • Are open-minded to new things, ideas, and situations
  • They find life boring until they discover their ‘true calling.’
  • Animals are drawn toward you.
  • You don’t have ulterior motives in your personal relationships
  • Some days you get outraged and disgusted at the world
  • For the majority of your life, you walked around thinking something was wrong with you
  • You are in this world but not of this world
  • You see a lot of repeating numbers
  • Feel like an ‘unsung hero.’
  • You have high standards and expectations of people and the world at large
  • Randomly, out of nowhere, someone will ‘lash out at you.’
  • May ‘blow up’ and get angry at people who consistently violate their boundaries.
  • You cannot work a traditional 9 to 5 job
  • You seem to be stuck in dark situations
  • Felt disappointed that the people around you don’t do the right thing at the right time for you
  • They are very generous with their time and resources
  • You have the presence of a higher power on and around you at all times
  • You don’t want or have a lot of friends
  • You’ve had many ‘shocking experiences’ in your life
  • You know things ‘out of nowhere.’
  • You have a ‘Golden Touch’ for fixing things.
  • It seems like you don’t get the credit you deserve

Awakening Chosen Ones

Chosen Ones are born awake, yet their trials and tribulations force them into lower frequency emotions. Eventually, something will wake them from their slumber and cause them to feel as if they are going crazy.

Their awakening brings them out of a lower vibrational state and elevates them into a more angelic higher vibrational state.

What they are feeling is called a frequency shift. With this positive shift, their perceptions may change. They might suddenly feel the urge to quit some bad habits, call someone they haven’t spoken to in a while, and may even start a spiritual practice.

Chosen ones do not go around intentionally harming others. If they hurt other people, it’s usually their egos because we tell them truths they do not want to hear. They do not get pleasure from having power over people, nor do they ‘get off’ on seeing people suffer.

Stay Away From Toxic People

Chosen ones will always experience spiritual turbulence when dealing with the wrong people. That’s why it’s most important to protect your energy and stay on the right path to lead through good examples, not through reactive outbursts brought on by repeated narcissistic abuse.

There are many unhappy people in the world, and you may be who they attack. You will have two types of toxic people that will try to knock you off your game.


  1. The Straight Forward Hater. These people are obvious; they troll you, mock you and make fun of you to your face.
  2. The Covert Hater – They seem nice and don’t usually hate you to your face, but their heart belongs to their father, the devil.


These types will also copy you, yet they are not like you.

Sometimes, people are used by ‘dark forces’ to put you down, make you feel bad about your appearance, or feel unimportant. Wicked people will get joy out of any suffering they can cause you.

Light cannot stay around darkness. Get away from these wicked people once you feel their bad vibes – RUN.

Sometimes I feel like I’m being judgmental for wanting to stay away or dislike a person based on the energy they give off. But this is how I use my discernment.

Energy never lies – Not my vibe…not my tribe.


Being a Chosen One, I recommend you eat for health, exercise, and chill out daily to reconnect with yourself. We live in a loud world where everyone seems to want something from you.

You need to stay grounded, keep your frequency high, and connect to yourself so you won’t get taken advantage of by people or negative thinking patterns.

Develop your intuition and use it to stay away from toxic people, situations, and thoughts. Also, cut your energy cord from people and places that don’t serve your greater good.

Remember – Your light shines in this dark world, and many darker forces don’t want your light. Be careful, love yourself, forgive others, and stay grounded.

Remember, not everyone is out to get you, and people are not perfect. Be sensible with your projections and protect your energy at all costs.

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