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As lightworkers, we each have a purpose or mission to complete. This is the reason we incarnated on the Earthly plane.

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1 August 2022



The Creator of all life has sent a New Message into the world to prepare humanity for this new era, for all the Revelations that have been given to humanity before cannot prepare it for what is coming now. The wisdom of the great traditions remains as an inspiration, as a correction, as an emphasis and as a higher standard. 

As you face the reality that your world is being visited, not by friendly forces, but by those that would seek to plant themselves in an advantageous way, to influence human leadership and to pacify the human public—if you can face these things, you will realize you do not have an answer. This is very important, you see, because here you must turn to God beyond you and the intelligence that God has placed within you. Here is where your intellect will run out of reasonable answers. Here you will see the limits of your ideas. Here you will face the limitations that your social and religious conditioning has placed upon you.

With this recognition, there must come courage. You cannot be weak and faltering in the face of the Great Waves of change or in facing competition and intervention from the universe around you. You cannot be ambivalent, only concerned with your happiness and with acquiring those things you want for yourself. You are standing at the threshold of immense change and challenge. You cannot be dreaming of other things if you are to be prepared. The time to take action is now dear one!



As lightworkers, we each have a purpose or mission to complete. This is the reason we incarnated on the Earthly plane.

We specifically volunteered to be here during Earth's most crucial times, which came before and after the year 2000. We are working in a concerted effort to spread our loving energies and dissipate the destructive and negative mass consciousness. Many lightworkers are on the Earth plane at this time with the specific purpose of using our knowledge of healing to teach, counsel, write, heal, and enlighten others.

Our most vital contributions to planet Earth and its inhabitants take place in the mental and spiritual planes. We are bound to encounter resistance from people who fear or misunderstand our motives, but we must not react to their fears, because lightworkers are able to manifest and heal anything and anyone as long as they continue to possess the essence of love.

Every instance we experience pain serves as a lesson, helping us to learn, grow, and find ways to live in peaceful happiness. Our lessons on Earth are also valuable in our roles as lightworkers because they give us the personal experience to empathize with those who become our clients, students, friends, and associates.

Our mission depends upon our learning how to stay centered in love. Our promise to help the world obliges us to restrain our ego and choose thoughts of love instead of those of guilt and fear. We must be willing to let go of our ego-based concerns, so that we can focus our entire mind on our vital tasks.

Lightworkers are born to assist humanity. 

Their job is to help others change from ego to true self. Your inner guide will lead you to the place or role you belong. You will know whether you are supposed to get training or educational certification. If you are, then your inner guide will lead you to the right teacher, course, or school. Also, the universe will help you find a way to afford the course and lesson fees. The people who will be your future clients and students will be led to you through their own inner guides.

Don’t worry about how you will learn to do your light working function, just trust that you will.



Type 1: The Gatekeeper Lightworker

The Gatekeeper is also known as the protector or Gridworker. They protect normal people in the physical realm from negative entities in the other lower dimensions.

Sometimes they’ll do this intentionally (such as fighting the entities on the astral realm) but their simple existence can scare away low vibrational beings. The simple act of them being in the area will drive most negative entities away.

This is true of any Lightworker but the Gatekeepers feel pulled towards the more serious cases. They also protect other Lightworkers and spiritual beings who are drawn towards the Gatekeepers when they sense a threat.

They’re very sensitive to light and darkness so they can easily distinguish between light beings (positive) and dark (negative).

If you feel sudden surges of bravery or frequent interactions with negative entities – you might be a Gatekeeper Lightworker.


Type 2: The Healer Lightworker

These are the most empathic Lightworkers and they’re here to heal humanity as a whole and each individual. These lightworkers will be driven to help anyone no matter the situation.

These lightworkers often feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders but it’s actually their strength that keeps everyone else up. You’ll notice these lightworkers are the most compassionate, empathetic people and incredibly attuned to all kinds of spiritual energy.

These lightworkers are very in-tune with the light and dark forces of the universe so they can easily tell when something is off. They’re also naturally selfless, empathetic to the point where they feel everything around them – both light and dark. As a result, lightworkers often have to work through tougher times than most but the light they bring to the rest of the world cannot be measured.

If you put yourself under strain and stress to help others – you might be a healer Lightworker.


Type 3: Wayshower Lightworker

The Wayshower Lightworker guides other lost souls (human or otherwise) when they get lost on their path. They understand the lessons and stages of life better than most lightworkers and as a result, they can help others master those same lessons.

They’ve been lost on their own journey down the light but have found themselves again and now want to bring light to other lightworkers and people who are trying to find their path.

Ironically, Wayshowers often feel the most lost themselves before figuring out their Lightworker path. If you feel a pull from the universe but you don’t know why – you might be a Wayshower.


Type 4: Transmuter Lightworker

The Transmuter Lightworker is here to transmute light for the light beings of the universe. They help light from other dimensions come into this world and transform dark areas. You’ll find these lightworkers are incredibly creative with their light, they can create bright light orbs or manage to make light out of thin air (literally).

These types of Lightworkers wield the energy like a carpenter wields a hammer. They are the alchemists of this kind of spiritual work, converting light to dark and negative to positive.

They are often pulled to difficult situations to help others work and evolve.

If you’ve ever felt the drive or pull towards some of the worst situations or the urge to create light out of thin air – you might be a Transmuter Lightworker.


Type 5: Oracle Lightworker

The oracle lightworker is here to help lightworkers and light beings communicate better. They are the go-between for light beings that don’t know how to connect with humans otherwise.

They relay the message and guidance from the universe. They’re usually incredibly attuned to their own intuition as well as tools like Numerology or Tarot cards. They’re super intuitive, empathetic, compassionate souls that are willing to help anyone with anything at any time – no matter the request.

If you felt like you see strange insight into other people’s struggles and you’re drawn to help them – you might be an Oracle Lightworker.


Type 6: Lightkeeper Lightworker

The Lightkeeper Lightworker (say that ten times fast) is the spiritual anchor for everyone around them (including other Lightworkers). They are positive no matter the situation.

This lightworker is the light of the world because they are usually in touch with their inner light more than most lightworkers are, let alone anyone else. No matter what surrounds them, they are the ones people look to continue to spread positivity and brightness.

If you have an unstoppable level of energy and positivity – you might be a Lightkeeper Lightworker.


Type 7: Messenger Lightworker

This type of Lightworker has some overlap with the Oracle Lightworker, however, this lightworker actually has a physical presence on the other side as well as an energetic one. They often communicate through the astral realm and are often mistaken as spirit guides.

Their calling is also different as they’re not pulled towards those who have lost their path – but towards those already on the path to spur them onward. They provide constant counsel and guidance and are often seen as peaceful meditators.

If you often communicate through dreams or the astral realm – you might be a Messenger Lightworker.


Type 8: The Dreamer Lightworker

Also known as the astral traveler the Dreamer Lightworker bridges the gap between the physical and the astral realm. A dimension that is so close to us that ordinary people can even access it with practice.

They can take the messages and guidance from the astral realm and use it to aid themselves, other lightworkers and those in need.

They’re usually very good at astral projection and lucid dreaming as a result of their connection to light from both sides. Their dreams often provide guidance long before they’re ever aware of their mission on Earth.

If you often experience out-of-body experiences, astral projection or lucid dreams – you might be a Dreamer lightworker.


Type 9: Blueprint Lightworkers

Somewhat similar to Starseeds, the Blueprint Lightworkers have a more singular divine mission to complete.

They carry the code to teach people (and other lightworkers) how a task is done and arrive with a specific purpose and sometimes that purpose is so specific that they’re here to help one person – often this manifests as a twin flame relationship.

They often have some lightworking skills as a result of their connections to all lightworkers and light beings – but this lightworker’s purpose is singular and they’ll feel like constant pull.

If you feel like you have one singular mission here on Earth – you might be a Blueprint Lightworker.


Type 10: Witness Lightworkers

The Witness Lightworker is a very specific and even rarer type than the others so far. While they are capable and drawn to help (like any Lightworker is) their main focus is to watch and report on life here.

They are lightworkers that have come to watch Earth’s events unfold and collect information. They can work with ancient light beings that have watched humanity’s growth for millennia – often working side-by-side with higher vibrational spirits to report back on progress or offer guidance when it is appropriate.

They have some overlap with the Oracles and Messengers but more often than not they observe and won’t interfere unless the situation really requires it.

If you have an immense sense of wanderlust and intrigue – you might be a Witness Lightworker


Type 11: The Earthtouch Lightworker

The Bridge Builder Lightworker (also known as the plant healer) is a rare lightworker that is highly attuned to the Earth and wildlife.

They’re able to heal animals with light, sense the pulse of plants and even use the touch of soil to communicate with other lightworkers. They, like all Lightworkers, will help the people around them but they’re focused on healing and balancing Mother Earth.

If you spend a lot of time in nature and feel connected to the birds and the trees – you might be an Earthtouch Lightworker.


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