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We live in a time of profound transition on planet earth as we get ready to birth a new version of our "ancient selves".

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We live in a time of profound transition on planet earth as we get ready to birth a new version of our "ancient selves". 

Mother Earth is shifting from the 3rd dimension into the higher dimension. How does this shift effect our lives on earth, in other words, what lies ahead for us? 

For a long time mother earth has been a school for our souls to experience life in duality. The lessons we received in many lives have made us wiser and stronger. In order to give our soul various lessons, life on the planet constantly changed. And now we're at a major turning point in time, we're saying goodbye to our old life in the 3rd dimension and saying hello to a new life in the higher dimensions. 

In the 3rd dimension we experienced life in darkness, our sense of the spiritual world and feelings of oneness decreased more and more over time. Thanks to the separation of light and love we were able to develop an ego. Our ego was trained by the numerous conflicts our ego caused.

We learned to think in terms of good and bad, to judge and condemn. Due to our emotions we reacted, we got angry, sad or anxious. Slowly but surely we created the world we're still living in, a world full of contradictions, conflicts and battles. 

By leaving the 3rd dimension, it's time to let go of our ego and embrace our soul again. Start seeing the bigger picture, life is endless and everywhere. Feel the deeper meaning of life getting wiser and stronger by experiencing life in all forms. Find out what your unique talents are and offer them to humanity. We can embody this state of love and harmony by healing old pain (which is acceptance), opening the heart (which is forgiveness), releasing narrow beliefs (which is open your eyes) and reconnecting with the soul (which is intuition). 

Be aware of the impulses of the soul and switch from fear to trust, from control to surrender. To support this process of awareness and healing, the vibration of energy on mother earth has been raised to a higher level in recent years. The impact of the higher vibration is already visible, structures that rely on dual energy show more and more defects. The pressure to change, from conflicts and battle to love and harmony is increased. This is happening on macro level (which is large scale), and on micro level (which is our lives). Shocking and wonderful events are meant to wake us up. 

The old ways shut down, new ways to explore pop up. Those who are brave enough to meet this challenge will develop themselves rapidly to loving and harmonious humans. Those who refuse to change will experience more headwinds in their life's. Not for punishment, but as an attempt to open up their eyes. 

What will be the changes at a macro level? Large institutions, raised in the 3rd dimension and build on duality (contradictions, conflicts and battles) are no longer supported by the higher energy vibrations of love and harmony.

They will not survive in the higher dimensions. For instance; The politics' based on power struggles and oppression, the economy based on scarcity and greed and religion based on rules and punishment. Humans who work in our educational system focus strongly on knowledge and humans who work in our healthcare system who focused mainly on system management feel the urge to change too.

Voters, workers, believers and kids will demand and explore more satisfactory alternatives. But first of all we have to look in the mirror intensely and heal our own darkness. If we open us to the source of love and harmony within ourselves we create a society based om equality, liberty and fertility.

Feelings of oneness will ensure that we see each other as equals, that we respect one another and live together in harmony. In the higher dimensions we will feel the urge to offer our talents to humanity and each talent is highly valued. For solving problems, humans with the appropriate talents will step forward. When the job is done they will step back voluntarily. Serving the public interest will always be the main goal. In love we give and in love we receive. Not to possess but for the satisfaction of sharing.

We will live in abundance and give freely because the fear of shortage or need to possess are gone. In the higher dimensions we are free to experience life according to our deepest wishes. We don't gain our knowledge and wisdom from books and television but from real experiences. We exchange regulations and restrictions for freedom and support. We also heal our physical and mental discomfort. A healthy balanced and natural way of living is what we desire.

All these changes aren't realised instantly. We must uncover the deepest and strongest needs in ourselves and find the courage to bring them to life. When our life's are in disbalance the pressure to change will be felt much stronger inside. Disharmony doesn't match with our new and higher state of being. We balance our life's by healing troublesome emotions,  physical discomfort, negative thoughts and mental blockages.

Then we must heal the relationship's with our partners, family, friends, neighbors, teammates, and so on. In a healthy relationship we are not only giving, we are also receiving. Finally, we must balance ourselves with life. We do so for example by balancing our source of inspiration. What is our drive? What is inspiring us? When our motivation is based on love and respect for all life, we create a harmonious environment.

Due to the transition to the higher dimensions life on earth will change drastically. Not only the old 3D structure will fall apart and the impulses to balance our life's will be felt stronger. We also face the consequences of our behavior much quicker. Thanks to the speeding up process we rediscover a major Universal Law. We harvest what we sow. When love is our intention we gain love. When hate is our intention, we gain hate. Initiatives based on love and trust will flourish. Initiatives based on hate, fear, mind control, personal will, ego and evil intentions, will seize.

Having sex with various partners lowers your vibration immediately and keeps you in 3D. We remind you that having sex means literally SHARING souls vibration and chakras. During sex, your chakra’s align with another human being. What you get is an immediate energy change inside of you and your whole being. Whatever your partner has done in this life and in previous life times, 50% of that "junk" now becomes part of your karma. This can take years to heal. So know who you choose as a partner!

 Sexual Energy is Being Purified



On Earth, there were a great amount of demonic female and male entities connected with and living off of the sexual energy of humans. As they were working for eons with the main intention of sexual seduction and destruction of love relationships and any attempt of the individual to connect with their own heart and remember the power that True Love holds, they were responsible for many break ups and divorces and also many psychological diseases that have made and still make humanity suffer. Sexual energy is a pure life force and for these entities it is literally an injection of life whenever they are sucking it off humans. 

These demonic entities were also working on a greater plan of programming and brainwashing people through religion, art etc, in a way to basically reinforce the inequality between sexes. These beings have specific names that humans have given them around the world since ancient times .Using emotions such as jealousy, hate, antagonism, guilt and aggressiveness between couples and between the individual’s female and male side, they were keeping separation and illness going on. They wanted this because they were also feeding of the emotions that humans were sending out. Forms of energy behind prostitution, seduction, infidelity, pornography, and deception were often used for their attacks and strategies.

They knew how to manipulate and aim on the low self worthiness that humans believed they were carrying for themselves and in that way they knew how to trap the individual in situations and actions that were leading them away from their true identity and the essence of Love and Worthiness coming from the True Self. This was resulting in a total dissociation of the individual from the soul and spirit and from trusting themselves, which made them easy victims to their agenda of control.

Humans affected by this were led to manic depression and fear and were left powerless in the incarnation cycle, many times were also used as puppets to harm more humans who had contracts with these entities that kept them under their control. Humans were caught in eternal loops trying to find soul satisfaction in sexual encounters but never achieving it because it was impossible to do it without the essence of Love that comes from the heart.

Sex was often used as a way of gaining power, on the partner and on achieving political or social status. Many call it ‘kinky sex’ but what this really is, is actually a sick ritual full of hidden distorted energies and that is very difficult for humans to recognize and be free from because these energies are quite addictive. Humans who are cut away from Love, are the usual prey because they become strong addicts.

In our society most of the industry of sexual pleasure and porn, is built on seduction, incest, manipulation and violence. These are all forms of magic. The message that is coming through is that these demonic entities are now being removed from the Earth along with their technology and are forced to disengage from the energy of the human bodies that were hosting them. These entities will seize to exist.

The energy of the Divinely Mother is very clear about this.

The new awareness on the planet cannot and will not hold this kind of energies or anyone with this kind of intentions or habits. As humanity is being freed and purified, more and more humans are asking for healing and for healthy and loving sexual relationships. Humans are waking up to the Truth and are recognizing what has been going on. New loving sexual awareness coming straight from the heart will be blossoming. Respect towards the self and the partner will be established in all sexual relationships.

New advanced loving couples will become great examples for all humanity. The True magnificence of the sacred male and the sacred female sexual energy will be expressed again on Earth! Once more the key is for the individual to claim his/her own energy and power and demand blessed, loving and healthy sexual unions in his/her life!

But why would humans want to change anyway? 

The answer is simple. The old life isn't satisfactory anymore. It no longer makes us happy. Satisfaction and happiness are the results of a new way of living. A light which we create from within inspired by our soul. The big shift which everybody is experiencing right now is a consequence of our journey to the higher dimensions. We journey back to the light with a box full of beautiful and painful experiences. During this journey we rediscover unknown aspects of ourselves and life in general. We will remember our lost opportunities and skills. Like telepathy and travelling with our light body to places beyond our imagination. 

Soon we will realise that life is not our enemy but a friend who sometimes teaches us gentle and sometimes ruthless lessons. Big and small events are forcing us to move on. On our way back to a life in light and love. So, go for it and regain your full potential. Life in the higher dimensions is beyond our highest's understanding. Magic will return. Life is a miracle to be rediscovered.  By eliminating our rusty heads and giving space to our intuition or inner knowing, miracles become real. In the higher dimensions the veil between life on earth and life in the higher  spheres is gone. Soon we will find out that there is plenty of life on our neighboring planets, souls that made the transition previously. 

These civilization's will help us to create a new and harmonious life. Every living soul on earth has a choice right now to deal with the shift of mother earth to the higher dimensions. Shall we deny and resist the pressure to change or shall we meet the challenge? In other words will our new life become a struggle or dense. By holding on to old and limited views of life, our journey becomes a struggle. They no longer comply to the new reality. Our journey will become dense when we open our hearts and embrace new visions and possibilities. 

By letting go of old fear and anger, light will become joyful. Learn to trust life, surrender to it. Everything is good as it is, everything serves a purpose. We are in a time of great transition. Higher frequency light is flooding our planet awakening large numbers to reclaim our original nature as 5D dimensional humans. As 5D humans we live from our hearts wisdom. From unity consciousness, unconditional love, and unbridled creativity.

5D humans have highly developed inner senses of empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance and clairsentience qualities that are opening for many of us as we go through this dimensional shift.  While this journey is exciting its demands can be overwhelming. In our hands-on guide to navigating the transition from 3D to 5D  you will understand  what is happening psychologically, emotionally, and socially with the dimensional shift to 5D. 

It is time to help heal emotional wounds, overcome fears and resistances, and discover the higher vibrations of unconditional love and oneness.

Love and light...


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