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When you "awaken", there’s often a sense of pride that comes on you. You’ve managed to escape the matrix.

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When you "awaken", there’s often a sense of pride that comes on you. You’ve managed to escape the matrix that most are unaware of , to what is actually happening to all of humanity. When you have this mentality that everybody is asleep in the matrix but you woke up and you walk around feeling all high and mighty, you are passing judgment, and that will stop and block you from attracting anybody. 

This superior mentality is a box highly awakened people often place themselves in without even knowing. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings dear ones. You will know this because it might have happened to you many times.  An "awakening' completely changes the way you allow new love or soul friends to come in. One day you're heading in one direction that keeps you stuck in complicated relationships and friendships and the next day you have turned around completely.

You are learning new and exciting things that are helping you grow and evolve and you know without a doubt it can help others grow and evolve too, only to share your thoughts and feelings with them, for them to reject your new awareness and knowledge and tell you to stop with the craziness. That’s very discouraging and hurtful.

This leads to many awakened people creating an identity for themselves. They feel like they've changed and now people don't get them. No matter what they do, they can’t fit in and they start to feel like an outsider. This really hurts the spiritual ego. The ego then tells you to not worry about them. It says, “Forget them. They are asleep in the matrix and unaware of what’s going on.” 

Then you listen. You feel superior and so you leave people alone to go be alone. And that begins the lone wolf journey where you think you don’t need anyone. If you are a lone wolf, there’s nothing wrong with it, actually it’s very cool, but according to the laws of the Universe, you get a reflection of your own energy. In other words, you attract what you are. 

So, if you are a lone wolf, you will attract… no one. 

Another thing that will block you from attracting love is certain labels and concepts like twin flames and Soulmates. You see someone you're insanely drawn to and you go, “Omg, this is the other half of my soul. 

For some reason you believe your soul was completely cut in half and you recognize them. They are your other half, and you desperately need them to be with you, so you can feel whole, complete, and happy again. Think about how disempowering that is!

The moment you get yourself in this energy, that relationship will never work out because of your desperation. You ruin everything before it has a chance to be something really significant. This person you were going crazy over will see and feel how much you are lacking love. Because you have now placed them on a pedestal, it implies that they are higher above you. 

This gives them no choice but to look down on you! These twin flame ideas will block you from ever finding love. That's because you fix your gaze on a person who is showing you over and over again that they don't want you and constantly turn their backs on you. Instead of letting them go, you hold on tight and chase after them trying to force something that was never even meant to be.

Love becomes a thing you're trying to force and control and it ends up doing more harm than good. Your twin flame is not the person meant for you. They are just someone you want so badly who doesn't want you back. It's someone who will never see your value. It's someone who doesn't love you back but always seems to return, not because they finally see your worth but because you're always available and give them what they want.

If a person won't make up their mind to be in a relationship with you after years of trying to make it work, or hoping that they will eventually see your value, then that is your answer right their.


They don't want you as much as you thought they did. The truth hurts but it frees you. Cut your losses and walk away. You were doing okay before them. You will be okay without them. 


If you want to attract new people into your life you have to let go of your superiority complex, otherwise you will make it very hard to attract your soul family or love into your life. Remain humble. Trust the Universe to help you and everyone else when the time is right.

If you really want to find love, you need to stop labelling relationships when they come in. A person is NOT your twin flame or soulmate if they can't be with you in a harmonious relationship. If a person keeps running away from you, you have to have love and respect for yourself to stop running and chasing after them like you need to beg for love.

Stop giving your power away, in this way. If it's so hard to do, you can learn something from plants.

A tree doesn't go out looking for birds to come and build a nest in it's branches, a  flower doesn't go out looking for birds to taste it's nectar. The tree just focusses on itself. It focusses on growing to become green and vibrant and the birds just come. The value is the tree. 

The flower already knows it's beauty. It knows its value. It has what the birds need so it focusses on growing blooming and being beautiful and the birds just come. Become like the tree or the flower. Focus on your growth instead of focusing on love or getting your twin flame back. Take your mind off of love and bring your awareness back to yourself. You don't need anyone outside of yourself to feel whole and complete. You were born whole and complete and can be happy all on your own. 

Let go of the silly labels and ideas you have heard about love. Your soul was never cut in half. If a person is running from you, let them run, you stay right where you are. 

Let them go and you don't let them come back unless they are ready to commit to you. That means they take responsibility for their part in this relationship. Let go of anyone who does the following; love bombing, ghosting, ignoring your text messages, not answering or returning your calls, only communicates with you when they are bored, doesn't treat you with love and respect, can't decide if they love you or someone else.  

If we think about the development of relationships, they're built on a series of interactions and connections. The problem with love bombing is that it doesn't leave time for that development. Rather, it's a projection of a bond that doesn't yet exist.

It can't possibly be that after talking to someone on whatsapp or telephonically without meeting, or meeting you twice, this person is now declaring their love for you. And, it's not always an innocent projection. Sometimes it's a stage in a cycle of narcissism, manipulation and hurt.

The person who commits and marries you are your soulmate. It is not the one who constantly uses you for sex and runs away from you as if you are not worthy of love.


Forget about who is coming into your life and follow your passions. As a natural reflection you will attract people who come into your life and resonate with you 100%. if you love what you do, you will attract those who also love what you do. You attract people who are an equal reflection of your energy.

When you get into your own energy, within your own frame, you completely change your energy field, so you will attract love and your soul family easily. 

The key to this is to heal yourself first. Healing doesn't happen overnight, within 3 months or within 6 months. No, it may take 12 months or even longer. Cultivate love for yourself and accept where you are.  Let go of needing love from anyone outside of yourself by knowing love is inside of you already.

You truly deserve the sweet love you keep giving to others. We live in a Universe that is one and everything is connected. The idea that you are separate from other souls is an illusion. When we place others on a pedestal, we feel unworthy we feel we are not good enough to deserve love. 

When you are in perfect alignment, unity is the natural order of the Universe. If both souls are perfectly aligned, love themselves and have no resistance to new love, they make it easy for a union to take place. 

You will be wildly attracted to them simply because they are a part of your stream of consciousness. We agreed on these unions before we reincarnated and when we finally meet, it will feel like fate. The Universe always seek ways of helping separated soul streams to find its way back to each other. You can't attract a person you are not in a vibrational match with. 

When you are flowing upstream and your partner is flowing downstream it will be impossible to flow together at all. It will cause disruptions, fear and feelings of unworthiness. It is because both of you will be flowing against the stream of consciousness within yourselves.

Discord between souls are unbearable. 

In order to flow in one accord you must both see yourselves as whole and you must both be positively aligned. Both souls needs to be awake, aware and in alignment at the exact same time in order to find unconditional love and a lifetime of dedication and passion. 

You can do this, you deserve to love and be loved back without any conditions attached.

Love and light...

Ann Verster, 

Spiritual Life Coach and Lightworker



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