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It’s riveting. It’s unpredictable. So much so that it’s easy to get caught up in the fun and excitement because you don’t want it to end.

Whether you’re in the first flushes of a relationship, about to bring it to the next level, or ready to spend the rest of your lives together, there’s a whole, full world of experiences waiting for you and your lover to enjoy.

But here’s the catch: how do you keep a fulfilling, self-sustaining, passionate relationship— one that only becomes deeper and sexier as time goes on?

The answer lies in your capacity to explicitly communicate with your lover what your boundaries, needs, and desires are.


Often, what we truly desire is buried so deep, invisible even to ourselves—much less to others—and therefore can take many years and much self-realization to surface.

This is where numerology comes into play.

Your personal numerology chart represents the vibrations that define who you are. These numbers that are directly derived from either your birth date or birth name are your “core numbers”—numbers so impactful to your being, their influence on you lasts your entire lifetime.

One of the most important core numbers in your numerology chart is your Heart’s Desire number. Just as it sounds, your Heart’s Desire number represents the innermost yearning of your heart and reveals your underlying motivations, which influence the choices you make in life. Also known as the Soul Urge number, it ultimately helps you identify what you desire at the core of your being. It also explains the reason for many of your urges.

To keep a relationship afloat, it’s important for you to understand your urges so that you can gain a deeper connection to the part of yourself that holds passion. This is where you can fully express the naughty things that your lover needs to know about you, to satisfy the urges that feed physical intimacy and emotional connection.


In Pythagorean Numerology, your Heart’s Desire number comes from the vowel sounds in the name assigned to you at birth. These soft sounds characterize the spiritual force that moves through you, like the breath which gives life and sheds light on the inner workings of your more subconscious desires.

The vowels in your full name are converted to their corresponding numerical values and then summed up to arrive at a single digit or a master number.


Now that you get the gist of the Heart’s Desire number, we’ll let you in some secrets that you can use to help your lover suss you out for a soul-stirring, rocking relationship.

Heart’s Desire Number 1

Your inclination to lead others empowers your firm belief that your judgment is better than the rest and warrant your decisions even when other lives are greatly affected by the outcomes.

Your lover needs to know that…
Because you are likely to experience a great desire to direct the lives of others, you also have a strong urge to be a little too dominant in your relationship.

Taking control.

Getting what you want.

Don’t worry, when you act out on your urges with bravado, your lover will find it exciting, even willing to be your subordinate. Talk about why you want to be a bit more forceful in the bedroom and be sure to include your lover in the rationale. If everyone involved is having fun, then you can feel good about enjoying it.

Want to learn more about Heart’s Desire Number 1? Click HERE

Heart’s Desire Number 2

A shy and gentle soul, you avoid confrontation as much as possible and prefer to give in when you should assert yourself. You crave servitude, yearning to work for and with others, functioning best in a supportive role.

Your lover needs to know that…
You’re at your best when following another person’s direction within a relationship, where you aim to please in any way you can because you feel a deep sense of accomplishment from meeting the needs of your lover for them.

In fact, you desire to give over full control of your body, mind, and soul once you feel emotionally safe and unconditionally accepted for your ultimate kink: to be consumed by a strong, dominant lover.

Lay bare the inner workings of your sexy mind to your lover and express how much control you’re willing to relinquish. And if your lover is comfortable with that idea, figure out if that’s something you’d like to explore with them.

Want to learn more about Heart’s Desire Number 2? Click HERE

Heart’s Desire Number 3

Being someone who is out to enjoy life, you are the eternal optimist who has a good mental and emotional balance. Simply put, there is little to almost nothing that can bring you down. These qualities are also resonant in the lighthearted attitude you crave towards sex and love.

Your lover needs to know that…
For you, intimacy is a way where you can play together and have fun with your intimate bond as a couple.

Great LOVE should always include a laugh or two, where performance anxiety and body image will not get in the way of having a good time. There is simply no room for insecurities in your sexy headspace because you know that love is not reserved for the conventionally beautiful people of this world, acknowledging that it’s perfectly fine for your lover to recognize his shortcomings without melting into a puddle of miserable company.

Want to learn more about Heart’s Desire Number 3? Click HERE

Heart’s Desire Number 4

Tied down to routines, you desire an organized structure where plans are carefully curated and thoroughly laid out. Work is central to your life, but you may have a tendency to overdo it. Chill. You can easily become a workaholic if you’re not too careful and that could turn your relationship sour.

Your lover needs to know that…
Because of your urge to accomplish tasks, you may delay lovemaking. It’s best to have a lover who understands that sex is not the same as love and that there are other ways with which you can show your care for each other.

Want to learn more about Heart’s Desire Number 4? Click HERE

Heart’s Desire Number 5

The wild child, freedom is essential to your happiness. And while you feel love passionately, you fear to make deep and lasting commitments. As a result, you resist the depths of emotional attachments and remain on the surface where it is safe.

Your lover needs to know that…
For you, variety is more than mere spice of life— you thrive on it. Spontaneity, New places 

No planning, no thinking…

Want to learn more about Heart’s Desire Number 5? Click HERE

Heart’s Desire Number 6

Exceedingly domesticated, you love your home and family and work hard to make both comfortable and secure. In the future, you envision a beautiful and harmonious life with your soul mate and believe that the lover you have now could be the one.

Your lover needs to know that…
You crave a deep sense of connection with yourself and with your lover, which, once established, makes giving in to your carnal desires joy for you.

Without connection, sex for you is simply having your bodies rub against each other to create pleasurable sensations. What you want is to take things to a whole new level—a place to feel truly seen, loved, and free to fully express yourself.

When you feel connected in sex, you also feel safe. You get a sense that your lover is paying attention to you and they care about what’s happening for you.

Want to learn more about Heart’s Desire Number 6? Click HERE

Heart’s Desire Number 7

As the number that tends to keep things in your relationship business-like and impersonal, you prefer talking only about the facts of a given situation, rather than the cloudier issues of emotions and personal feelings.

Your lover needs to know that…
Because you value the gifts of the mind, You get highly attracted to your lover’s intellect.

Yep, you’re a sapiosexual.

So, while others might find their heart racing when they spot a pair of rich brown eyes or a nice butt, it’s someone’s wit and intelligence that captures your heart.

Want to learn more about Heart’s Desire Number 7? Click HERE

Heart’s Desire Number 8

Success in its full meaning is the name of your game. You desire power, status, and material wealth. Status symbols are very important to you, and having the best things in life is a high priority.

Your lover needs to know that…
You’re a little too wrapped up in the politics of love power that you enjoy engaging in both dominant and submissive roles depending on how you feel at any given moment.

.Acknowledging power dynamics between you and your lover and playing with them in a safe, consensual, controlled environment—as opposed to ignoring them or willing them away—can help bring not only titillation but also comfort and relief.

Want to learn more about Heart’s Desire Number 8? Click HERE

Heart’s Desire Number 9

Ah, the saint.

Your deepest satisfaction comes from knowing that you’ve advanced the cause of humanity. You need personal love as well but have a tendency to put your needs in the background.

Your lover needs to know that…
Your chief concern is to give your lover pleasure and make them feel taken care of.

You want to know exactly what your lover wants, and you aren’t afraid to actually come forward and ask.

Even though you’re a giver and will postpone your own satisfaction for your partner’s benefit, you’re not a doormat and, ultimately, you make sure your needs are also met.

Want to learn more about Heart’s Desire Number 9? Click HERE

Heart’s Desire Number 11

You understand the importance of close, loving relationships. Therefore, you are selective in choosing your lover. You may have gone through a tumultuous upbringing which contributed to your lack of confidence and shyness in childhood.

Your lover needs to know that…
You may have outgrown your domestic woes, but you still crave attention and admiration from your lover.

The problem lies when your lover smothers you with an unabashed depth of devotion: you get bored and loses interest.  

Want to learn more about Heart’s Desire Number 11? Click HERE

Heart’s Desire Number 22

You are innovative, yet sensible, and pragmatic. Fueled by your deep ingrained wish to leave a legacy on this planet, this combination empowers you to make your ambitions a reality.

Your lover needs to know that…
You’re a serial monogamist.

The concept of exclusive love is sacred. You want to be the only one for your lover and your lover for you. While together, you want to believe and engage in some form of ideal love where you require a certain level of intimacy before you can fully give yourself.

You tend to look back on past relationships with a rosy, romantic glow, even if the relationship didn’t last long. You believe in the idea of true love and constantly search for the one soulmate for you.

Want to learn more about Heart’s Desire Number 22? Click HERE

Keeping The Spark Alive

Remember, romance has a life of its own that’s why you have to nourish it. After a while, the flow of natural excitement in a new relationship, or even a long-term one, recedes. But you can do something about it: you stimulate it by creating new experiences, rekindling old ones, and looking for deeper, more mature love.

The most powerful thing you can do to keep your relationship strong is to openly communicate the innermost yearnings that only your Heart’s Desire number can bring to the surface.

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