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You're a person with a strong calling,

to make a huge impact in this world. You’re an inspiration to many in your community - but you don't see that in yourself.

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You’re a change-maker.
 A disruptor.  
A catalyst. A limit breaker. A rebel at heart.   
Your dreams are larger than life, your hunger to be of massive purpose is insatiable.
You’re here to create a visible mark.
A legacy.   
You’re here to live your greatest mission on earth, let it impact millions 
And that purpose, that calling, that whisper in your heart, “you’re meant for more!”, has got you where you are today.  
It has got you over some pretty epic hurdles, falls and challenges.
You never gave up. It’s not in your DNA.
You’re an inspiration to many. …. except yourself.   
Because, it doesn’t matter how committed to your calling you are… it doesn’t matter how strong that voice is.
It doesn’t matter what and how much you do, you’re still experiencing some form of lack and it hurts.     
Perhaps it’s a lack of  love.
That quiet cry in your heart, loneliness even… because you’re so focused on your work and your success.    
At a sacrifice and as a distraction, if you are super honest with yourself.    
And then, there is a lack in purpose.
That quiet cry in your heart, when you know you have so much more to give, and yet…fears… and obstacles… and ‘don’t know how’s’….    
Business may be great. Clients flowing. Cash coming.
But all that has little value, when we feel exhausted at the end of the day, feelinglike a fraud.  
Some also experience lack in luck.
You observe others having it so easy, 
And you? 
Got to work super hard to succeed. 
And it’s not fair.  
Finally, there is a lack of money.
And so those dreams of overflowing abundance, freedom and purpose still feel like a million miles away.
Are you experiencing a lack in any of these five areas? Or all of them?      
If so, I want you to hear this:       
Every person has experienced this on their way to releasing unprecedented levels of income, impact, freedom and purpose. Including myself. 
I want you to hear this because I speak from experience.
I might run a gorgeous 7-figure business now but I still remember those knots in my stomach because I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to pay the bills at the end of the month.     
I still remember a crippling fear of ‘losing it all’ or not bringing enough clients and money in that month –  even when my business was already turning over a healthy 5-figures a month!    
I still remember that feeling of overwhelm when I was fully booked with my high-end clients, exhausted at times, plateauing in my business because,  “how the heck can I fit anything else into my day?” … and feeling like a fraud because of that.   
Because I was coaching others how to be successful in business but quickly discovering that financial success at the sacrifice of personal fulfilment sucks.   
I remember asking myself a million and one times why it was that I had to work so very hard for my success, while other women online seem to attract so many clients with such ease?   
What the heck was wrong with me?  
I remember it all… experiencing any form of lack is NOT nice.   but –  Experiencing lack doesn’t make you any less worthy. 
Experiencing lack doesn’t mean you’re any less likely to finally release the growth of your business at full throttle and experience the abundance you’ve been dreaming about.     
As long as you;   
The truth is…
Creating a quantum leap in your business is NOT for everyone – heaps of courage and commitment are required.
But, if you have a strong calling to multiply your impact, multiply your earnings and multiply your ability to receive, I’d love to help you make that happen!
You see, I’m intimately familiar with that strong calling in my heart saying: 
Website: www.quantumcoach.co.za
Email: ann@quantumcoach.co.za

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