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Soul Purpose: Clarifying, Fulfilling My Deepest Longing

Our purpose as a soul is to learn, grow, and become one with all.

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Your Over All Purpose 

Our purpose as a soul is to learn, grow, and become one with all. When we unfold our clear inner communication and regroup or learn our lessons in life, the reason for being here on earth becomes clear. Life has greater meaning.

As we use what we learn, we grow in our state of consciousness. Your spiritual evolution is what matters in the big picture. Your state of consciousness is what you take with you when you leave planet earth and return home to The Universe, God, The All, Spirit, depending on what you call it.

Learning starts with discovering more about your true self or soul nature. You may not be what you think you are, but what you sense and understand from your feelings. The more you know yourself as a soul, the more you will see yourself in others. You will feel a deeper connection with people, the world you live in and the universe. You will feel a sense of oneness with all.

Outflow or Giving 

An important part of our purpose is sharing or giving of ourselves. Sharing of ourselves can take many forms, such as the service we provide to people in our work, giving to family and friends or taking time to help in our community. It can even be a smile or a few words we say to someone we meet briefly.

This giving of yourself ultimately comes back to your learning and growth.

“For it is in giving that we receive.” — St. Francis of Assisi 

A Soul with a Body, not a Body with a Soul  

You do not have a soul, you are a soul, a unique pattern of energy. Innately, you know the purpose you came to fulfill.

As you open your clear inner communication, you gain a better sense of what you are here for and how to consistently live in your niche.

Clarifying your Soul Purpose

In reviewing or regrouping your experiences, you may find times when you are in your groove when your energy is flowing. You feel alive and connected with your opportunities or people you are involved with. These experiences are often connected with your purpose.

Experiencing the Joy of Affinities     

The more you live your soul purpose, the more you will encounter the people you feel destined to meet. You may connect with them in your business, socially, with family, or in other ways.

You have soul connections with many individuals on planet earth. They are interested in you. They want to spend time with you as a friend. In business, they will tend to buy from you and be your best customers. It feels great to be with them especially when you have a sense of what your connection is with the person and what’s best to do.

Can you recall a person that you were drawn to and learned from? Chances are this individual was living his or her soul purpose in some way and you had a soul connection with him or her.

Inner Guidance 

Remaining attuned to inner guidance can help you understand and live your unique purpose. We all have a team of guides or angels. Each of these guides helps us in a certain way with our soul purpose.

To know and fulfill your life purpose, it is important to open up your inner communication or spiritual sensitivity. You can learn how to connect with clear energy and not thrown off by negativity and confusion. Spiritual cleansing or attuning are the first techniques made available in the workshops or private consultations available through this website.

Opening your inner sensitivity or gifts of communication makes life easier and more enjoyable. These gifts are Inner Hearing, Inner Seeing, Inner Knowing and Inner feeling In opening your clear sensitivity, you become more in tune with your inner guidance. You have all the help you need to clarify and live your unique purpose.

In making a sincere effort to connect within and follow what you feel is best, your angels or guides will assist you in many ways. For example, it’s often not a coincidence you happen to meet a particular person or have an opportunity to show up in your life.

Your angels will help you find these situations and people to learn your lessons and evolve as the soul you are. This happens when you are following what you sense within and align consciously or unconsciously with your soul purpose.

Next Steps To Clarify And Living Your Soul Purpose

You can discover more about your unique purpose through webinars, workshops (both online and in-person), books, private consultations and courses. Clarifying your purpose helps you and the people around you. It is a fun, inspiring journey and, for sure; it enriches your life immeasurably.

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