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If you want to get in tune with The Universal flow of Energy

You need to realise there is no such thing as coincidence – only Divine Guidance from a Higher Source.

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What is the Universe Trying to Tell You (And Are You Listening?)

Our life here on Earth might revolve around the enactment of free will. But we’re not alone on our journey. There is an omniscient force that is helping us achieve what we came into this life to accomplish. All you need to do is start interpreting the signs the universe.

When you’re in harmony with the universal spirit, life becomes effortless. It opens you up to the signs and synchronicities that are around you in every waking moment. Everywhere you turn, there is something trying to steer you towards your goals.

Unfortunately, many people close themselves off, either through unawareness or disbelief. The thought of a benevolent force overseeing our progress is too fanciful to be true. And I’ve got to say, with all the suffering we endure, I can understand why. But this force does exist, and it is here to help you.

If that hurdle wasn’t enough, some find the idea of predetermined fate equally uncomfortable. No one wants to feel like they have no say in their own life. That they’re nothing more than a computer program of someone else’s design. It’s a crushing thought. But what if it was you that created that program before you incarnated? And what if the universe isn’t suppressing your freedom, but is actually your silent partner and co-creator, working alongside you?

There is no true separation. You are The Universe, and its guidance is a product of the plan you laid out before embarking on this journey into the physical. So allow it to guide you. You’re not giving away your power. You’re only being reminded of what you came here to do.

What is the Universe Trying to Tell You (And Are You Listening?)


This entirely depends on where you’re at on your journey. But there are three overarching messages the universe is usually trying to convey, which are to: slow down, pay attention and re-evaluate the path you’re on. Or, in even simpler terms: stoplook and listen.

All that you see, hear and feel is part of a divine sequence of synchronicities that are connecting you and all others through one degree of separation. The design of synchronicity is perfect in its conception. But it requires your participation to manifest what is being offered to you as a potential future reality.

If you’re indulging in behaviours that are causing to veer off your chosen path, you will receive warning. Actions that don’t align with your highest good can only go on for so long before they create a ‘dis-ease’ within your body, mind and spirit. And that itself, is a sign you need to re-evaluate what you’re doing and where it’s leading you.

9 Signs from the Universe

You might be surprised to learn how the universe communicates with you. It is a limitless force that can and does operates in ways we cannot conceive from the perspective of this 3D reality. But how the universe communicates is nowhere near as important as why. Any of the following could be interpreted as a sign that requires your attention. It’s up to you to interpret what they mean to you.

1. You’re Dealing with the Same Situations Over and Over Again

If your life is stuck in a familiar cycle of dramas, it can feel like you’re re-enacting Groundhog Day. But there’s a lesson we can learn from that movie. In it, the main character played by Bill Murray is forced to live out the same events that take place over a single day. When he becomes aware of this, he realises there is something he needs to do differently to move forward. He then goes on an incredible journey of amending his actions, trying to crack the code that will allow him to get to the next day. It’s a great movie you should watch if you haven’t already. The lesson of the story is about changing your perspective. If you’re facing the same challenges day-in-day-out, there is a reason. It’s because there is something for you to learn that you haven’t yet integrated.

2. You’re Being Given Messages in Your Dreamtime

Your Dreamtime experience can hold many clues to where you should be heading. Although, you should know you won’t receive answers that are shouting at you from the rooftops. They’re much more subtle than that. Since it’s your spirit guides and member of your soul group that send you these messages, they have to be careful not to compromise your free will. They’re extremely mindful of not stepping on your journey and denying you the oppurtunity to learn, independently. The messages you receive are more symbolic and metaphorical. But in a way that will not obscure the meaning too much. It’s your responsibility to engage with your dreaming world through journaling, reflection, and introspection to uncover their hidden meanings.

3. You’re Experiencing Synchronicity with Another Person

Your interactions are one of the more tangible signs the universe is guiding you towards a certain end. And if the timing is right, even the most practical of people have to sit up and acknowledge there is something bigger at play. Everyone has a story – regardless of whether they’re spiritually minded or not – of a time they acted on gut instinct ‘because it felt right.’ That gut instinct is the definition of your intuitive nature. Synchronicities with another person come in all shapes and sizes. Most of the time, they’re the chance encounters that are too perfect to discount. You might meet someone, causing a delay that sets up an event that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. You could have a chance encounter with someone that has an important piece of information for you, who you develop a friendship with that possibly leads to an oppurtunity.

4. You Feel Whether Decisions are Right in Your Heart Space 

There is no better confirmation you’re on the right track than by listening to your heart. You could argue this sign is coming from your inner being, not the universe. And it’s a valid point. But to think along these lines reinforces our separation from reality. We are not separate. We are the universe. It is within us, around us, and working through us. Our physical bodies were created from the carbon of dying stars, and our soul is the light birthed directly from source consciousness. How can we be separate? Our connection to our heat space is a universal sign because both operate on the frequency of love. The heart is the receiver of those universal energies that are trying to guide us. It intuits and relays to us what is in our best interest.

5. You Keep on Hitting Dead Ends That Blocking Your Progress

There is a line of thought that says, ‘If something is something is simply too hard to accomplish, maybe you’re pushing in the wrong direction.’ Now, this is a little contentious. Many of the world’s greatest advancements have been made through sheer perseverance. The light bulb took Edison 10,000 attempts to get right. Understand, this isn’t about quitting when the going gets tough. It’s about having the awareness of roadblocks that are trying to steer you in a new direction. When you’re truly aligned with your purpose, everything flows in beautiful synchronicity that sometimes defies belief. You just feel it. So if you’re experiencing continuous knock-backs, it could be the universe’s way of saying, ‘This thing you’re pursuing, it isn’t for you right now. Try something else.’

6. You’re Experiencing Frequent Accidents (Or Have a Serious Injury)

Accidents can only be seen for what they are in hindsight. Sometimes they aren’t always what they seem. The bad luck you might be cursing could actually be something much more meaningful. If you’re experiencing a succession of minor accidents, it could be a sign you need to slow down and take stock of what you’re doing. And if you sustain a serious injury that takes you away from your pursuits, you could interpret it as the universe’s way of trying to alter your course entirely – after many repeated warning signs. Detachment from what you’re doing allows you to become the neutral observer. The distance you gain creates an objective mindset that isn’t possible when we’re in the thick of what we’re doing. It encourages introspection, forcing you to question the path you’re on.

7. Uncharacteristic Delays are Holding You Back

You’ve probably heard stories of people who were rushing to catch a plane, only for it to crash, causing many casualties. Something similar may have happened to you? The universe, or more aptly, the you-universe has a plan for you. And if you’re putting yourself in mortal danger that will bring about your end prematurely, it will literally move heaven and Earth to stop it from taking place. It can happen in any number of ways. But the reason for this doesn’t always involve death. It could be any situation in which your presence would negatively affect your life path. These events have likely happened many times throughout your life. But you remain unaware of them because they’re on such a small scale.

8. Number Synchronicities Appear at Exact Decision-Making Moments

Repeating number patterns can appear almost at random when you start noticing them. But as you become more attuned to their presence – and at certain junctures in your life – they can present themselves as confirmation of your decision-making process. Number Synchronicities can show up at the exact moment you having a thought to guide you in the direction, or else slow down your thought process. Trying to base your decisions solely on the presence of numbers isn’t advisable. They’re too open to interpretation, even when you’ve been working with them for a long time. But they are useful markers. And knowing how patterns such as 11:11, 222, 777 relate to your circumstances can be a useful aid in your discernment process.

9. You’re Seeing Metaphorical Signs in Daily Life

These signs might only present themselves if you’ve already opened yourself up to the universal flow – and if you have the type of personality that would respond well to them. You’ll never be given messages that are beyond your level of understanding. It would be counter-productive. You’re just as likely to see these signs in your dreams as in the physical waking world. For example, I experienced some of these signs several years ago. I went through a stage of seeing an unusual amount of roadkill every day. It would have been easy to interpret this as a death or rebirth experience. But most of the animals I saw were birds. So instead, I asked myself what I was doing to hold myself back. I reasoned the message I was being shown wasn’t death. But the birds that were permanently grounded. As it happened, I did have some limiting habits, and receiving this sign encouraged me to look within and work through them.

Interpreting Signs from the Universe

The signs the universe provides will be as varied and diverse as there are people to receive them. They’re entirely circumstantial and unique to the observer. No two signs or synchronicities from the universe will ever be repeated. It’s also exceedingly rare they’re shared, unless it’s a synchronicity to involves two people by design. Even then, each person will have their perspective. If you want to increase your awareness, and interpret these signs with greater ease, remember the following:

Don’t Just See What You Want to Believe

You’ll have heard people talk about the importance of using your discernment in spiritual circles. But it’s equally important that you apply that discernment to your perception, itself. You need to question yourself as just as much as the signs. If you receive a warning sign, it would be foolish of you to ignore it.

Pay Attention to the Signs and Look for Patterns

Once you’ve raised your awareness and are experiencing frequent signs, you’ll want to figure out why they’re appearing when they do. You’ll naturally build up a vocabulary of signs that are specific to you in certain situations. This is especially true of number synchronicities. It pays to know what they are, so try making a note of them in a small notebook.

Surrender and Let the Universe Guide You

Don’t go looking for signs in everything you see. It isn’t helpful. This runs counter-intuitive to what I was suggesting to you at the beginning of this post. But I say this for a reason. You’ll drive yourself to insanity if you’re trying to micro-analyse everything you see. You’ll know when the big signs have hit you, because you won’t even need to think about them – you’ll just know.

There are No Coincidences

Don’t write anything off – no matter how trivial it may seem in the moment. Again, don’t get wrapped up too much in the micro-managing of your experience. Just allow it to happen. But keep mental tabs on events that catch your attention. I like to operate on the rule of three. If something comes into my awareness three times in quick succession, I take action on it.

How to Communicate with the Universe


Your relationship with the universe is a two-way street. You don’t always need to be on the receiving end. It’s entirely possible for you to open up a line of communication, and I’d encourage you to put it out to the universe that you’re ready and willing to receive guidance.

You do can this in whatever manner or style appeals to your own spirituality. It can be verbally, as a silent intention, and affirmation, meditation or even reaching out through other psychics means if you have the ability. But I would like to measure your expectations here. The type of response you want isn’t necessarily the type of response you’ll get.

Remember the concept of free will? If you’re asking too much, you won’t receive anything that will hinder your process of discovery. The same applies to making requests that are self-serving and rooted in instant gratification. Here are some suggestions you can use to get more in tune with the universe and establish a dialogue.

Follow the Signs

A little obvious, you might think. But what you may not realise is you can only receive the next part of the communication by following through on the first one. If the signs the universe is giving you is part of a conversation, you need to do your part by responding with action to keep it going. All you need to do is follow the breadcrumbs

Asking the Universe for Guidance

This may scare you off, or at least have you wondering whether this will work or if you’re even worthy of trying to communicate directly with the universe. You are! It is absolutely within your sovereign right as a being of source-light incarnation to asking for direct guidance and clarification from the universe.

Go into Meditation

One of the best ways to get in touch with the universal mind is to go deep within yourself, free of any distraction from your conscious self. If you want to strengthen your connection with yourself, and the unseen world, but don’t already have a daily meditation practise, now would be a great time to start.

Coming into Oneness and Acknowledging Universal Synchronicity

Once you’ve become aware of the universal signs, you can’t become ignorant of them. There’s no going back to your sleep-state. You can’t ‘un-remember’ the divine nature of the universe.

How and whether you choose to act on the messages you’re given is entirely down to your free-will. You can choose to steer a different course. But should you? The answer will be different for each person and situation.

You’ll likely feel a strong pull towards acting on the synchronicities laid out before you.

But there will be times when you think you know better.

You need to test the waters.

It’s a natural part of your spiritual development. Some of the signs you receive from the universe will challenge you to the very core of your inner being. They’ll challenge deeply held beliefs.

And in that time, you’ll choose to look the other way.

And more often than not, you’ll be proved wrong…

But it’s a useful exercise to go through. The more often you ignore universal synchronicity, the greater your faith will become over time. You need to road test your own judgment. To blindly accept everything that is fed to you is a fool’s game.

You need to build trust with the universe by putting your beliefs to the test.

Are they going to hold up?

The universe will never lie to you, but you need to come to that realisation by yourself. Your faith has to be backed up by the experience that every time you veer off path, you receive a less than favourable outcome.

That’s how you will achieve true oneness.

That’s true faith

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