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What is the Purpose of the Twin Flame Journey

The twin flame journey is perhaps one of the most noble and most difficult spiritual journeys of all.

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The twin flame journey is perhaps one of the most noble and most difficult spiritual journeys of all.

Noble because it takes a lot of strength and determination for your soul to decide to go through this journey in the 3D to contribute to the overall ascension of the mankind. And, it is difficult because most of times this journey is about repeating certain patterns and cycles again and again till you finally learn the lesson and heal your soul.

The twin soul journey is not about union; it is about finding the purpose of why your soul chose to undergo this spiritual journey.

The year 2018 has been regarded as the turning point for all the work that light workers, star-seeds, twin flames and soulmates have been doing since the beginning of time. The collective consciousness of the awakened will rise during this year and will result into massive number of unions around the globe during the next few years. While it all sounds like a nice fairy tale where you finally get united with your twin, the truth is the path to union is covered with thorns instead of rose petals.

For the twin flames to be in union, it is important for both to completely heal from all the wounds and programming that they have imbibed in the 3D. For this healing to take place, The Universe, God, Spirit has created massive triggers throughout the year through cosmic events like the 3 eclipses that we have witnessed recently.

If you really observe the environment and people around you, you will notice people are more judgmental, snappy and irritated than their usual self. People who are sensitive to the energies and auras around them are often falling sick, have their sleep patterns disturbed, feel lethargic and drained even after getting a good night’s sleep.

The overall energy of the 3D has been gloomy and will continue to be gloomy till mid of September. During this time, you need to be completely aware of the emotions and feelings that arise. Many of you will be triggered by something trivial that someone said or did and it will suddenly erupt a volcano of emotions.

Be very aware of the emotions that rise up but be very careful of the reaction and response you give to these triggers. The emotions are being evoked by the universe for you to recognize, confront and heal them. Do not take the triggers personally.

The person or situation that is triggering you is a blessing in disguise — they helping to heal the pending underlying wounds that will hasten the process to union. Once the energy of the collective rises through healing, these triggers will slow down and the ascension process will be less bumpy.

People who are adamant and do not learn to let of things that are toxic and harmful to their soul’s journey will continue to face the triggers. Please do not consciously become a hindrance to your own journey.

The next thing to be mindful of is that your twin flame journey is a spiritual journey where BOTH you and your twin are supposed to heal and hopefully come into union. You alone doing the healing work is surely going to contribute to the ascension process but is not going to help the union.

As much as it sounds unfair, the truth is every individual has the “free will” to decide whether they want to continue on the path that their soul chose while incarnating or not.

Although the choice of not continuing the journey will lead to the person living his/her life continuing karmic cycles and living in toxic relationships and situations, it is still their free will to choose to do so. This is why not all twin flame relationships turn into union.

As a twin flame, this is perhaps the first and foremost lesson that the universe teaches you by putting you into a “twin flame runner — chaser” situation. This runner-chaser cycle continues till you decide to stand up for yourself, find your self-worth, let go of the runner-chaser obsession and heal by having faith in the universe.

Once you have healed, you realize that you as a person are enough for your own spiritual growth and for supporting the ascension process. Your twin was just a trigger to send you off on this spiritual path of realizing that choosing to save yourself and your sanity is always the right choice.

Always remember that as a twin flame, your relationship with your twin will always be different from the one they portray in movies. He/she won’t be your knight in shining armor — more often than not, you will have to save yourself alone. Your twin flame journey is not about romance, candle light dinners, serenades or toxic codependency.

It is about finding yourself and, in the process, stumbling upon the ocean of strength and resilience that lies hidden inside you and growing into someone who is independent of their situations and circumstances.


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