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The One Question I asked myself to receive R50,000 in sales in less than 5 days...

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Truth bomb: most of the things you find yourself doing throughout your day are not in alignment with who you TRULY desire to BE.

And the fastest way to up-level your influence, impact and income? Is to shake things up and fully BECOME your next level self.

Your desires manifest fast when you signal to the universe that you’re ready to play a bigger game. That requires fully going all in on your vision and becoming your next level self NOW.

Let’s get real for a minute…

Would the version of you making your dream money goal for 2019…really keep tweaking her website for the 456th time?

Would that version of you keep second guessing herself and holding herself back?

Would that version of you give her time and energy to people who drain her?

Would that version of you give so many fucks what people think of her message?


Would she show up, without editing herself?

Lead her community?

Speak boldly, even if her voice shakes?

Invest in herself?

Start a new relationship with money?

You get to CHOOSE to live from your next level self in every moment.

Even the tiniest moments of your day are all weaving together to create your unique vibration and frequency – which determines your level of abundance.

From the way you order your morning coffee.

To how you prioritise your self care.

To how you show up and message and sell.

It’s all as one.

And again, you get to CHOOSE a new identity.

That version of you who makes your dreamy money goals and is living her best life – she is within you NOW.

All versions of you exist.

Recently I found this play out in my own business.

I was DONE with holding myself back and worrying about all the things and I just came back to this one simple question…

“What would my next level self have me be, do or decide right now?”

I kept asking myself this simple question over and over again, each day, all day.

And from THAT space of being my next level self NOW, I called in R50,000 in sales in one week.

With more ease, flow and grace than EVER before.

By only saying yes to my soul and leading from my next level self, I found myself surrendering more, speaking boldly, increasing my play and pleasure, getting fierce and fired up about what I stand for.

I didn’t ‘work’ harder for the R50,000 (actually I physically did way less)

I didn’t change any of my actions or try anything new.

I simply BECAME the version of me who receives that money with ease, on repeat, without question.

I dropped the struggle and worry for good.

I let it all go.

And I came back to my truth: that OF COURSE I get to receive all the abundance I desire, and actually it’s my duty to. So let’s move on from worrying otherwise, shall we?

It gets to shift that fast for you too.

By tapping into THAT energy of your soul, you’ll realise all the things you gave so many fucks about, that simply don’t serve you anymore.


Most of it doesn’t matter in the bigger picture of becoming ALL of who you’re meant to be.

What DOES matter is to choose LOVE over fear and follow your SOUL in every single freakin’ moment.

What DOES matter is to not only dream of your next level and bigger vision, but to BECOME all of it….NOW.

THAT’S what alignment really is.

It’s when you follow soul and go ALL IN, that you literally signal to the universe ‘we’re playing that bigger game NOW and I’m ready to receive.’

The abundance, clients and impact you desire is literally one decision away.

So I’ll leave you with this question,

“What would your next level self have you be, do or decide right now?”

Talk to me , I'll help you create higher wealth and your higher self as you build an abundant empire + life you love.

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