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From Barely Surviving to Living the Life of My Dreams

My name is Anne, And I’m Here To Empower You To Rise Above Fear, and Embrace Love.

Ann Verster

Life Coach

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I'm a Serial Entrepeneur, Life Career and Business Coach.

I still remember the day I decided to rise above any fear or limiting believes and embraced the divine design of my life.

Miracle after miracle unfolded because I set powerful intentions and believed I was worthy. I believed that it was up to me to become the love that I deserve. Not anybody else.

Once you realized that it is up to you to guide your own feelings, your own actions, and your own intentions, you discover how incredible powerful you truly are.

About Me:

After my divorce 7 years ago, I lived in a small apartment. My kitchen, bedroom & bathroom was basically one room. I took the last money I had and started a small business for myself.

AC Payroll & Recruitment, was within the 1st year, one of the Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in South Africa, providing work to over 320 employees.

Within 5 years, I had 7 new Businesses: Dash Professional Hairstylists, Dash Bridal, Dash Bakery & Coffee shop, Parker Placement, Parker CV and Jobs Worldwide by using principles embedded in Universal Laws such as the Law of Attraction and the Law of Manifestation.

I paid cash for several dream homes, sports cars and travelled the world.

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Ann Verster

Life Coach

40 $ / session

  • 64 Publications
  • 757 found this helpful

I still continue to attract new business clients every single day by using The Law of Attraction.

If you’re serious about manifesting your desires as I am about helping you make them happen — I’d love to hear from you.  

If you complete my 6 step Manifesting Core Worksheet,  you will start seeing incredible results in your own life in less than a week!


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