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Making Space for Love to come into Your Life

So often we forget that relationships are our greatest teachers.

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So often we forget that relationships are our greatest teachers. It’s an opportunity to remember that love never ends or dies.

I get emails and messages all the time from people that are in various stages of the relationship cycle. They are either seeking love or wishing to spark it back up again.

We’re going to dive deep into the concepts of what it means to truly connect with another human being and how love should feel.

Hint: It should be safe, exciting, loving and supportive.

The core essence of teaching emotional empowerment is to support you in how to communicate and speak up for your needs and intentions.

It can be a wild ride, an ever-changing journey, and one that I am so happy that you are about to embark upon.

As you begin this lesson, let’s start by creating a powerful conversation with The Universe.

First, take a moment to create stillness…

Close your eyes and slowly take a deep breath in, hold it for 10 seconds, and then slowly exhale…

Take as many of these slow breaths as you need to create presence and stillness before you begin.

When you’re ready, repeat this soulful invocation out loud and feel it’s truth resonate through your body:


“Dear Universe, may I now be guided to remember that I am worthy of LOVE. I am a lovable and loving human being that deserves to be in a beautiful and sacred relationship with my beloved. So be it, so it is.


The Universe wants you to experience and attract true love and connection. The following ideas are to attract romance into your reality. These fun and practical little tips will magnify your energy and get the Law of Attraction sending more LOVE your way whether you’re single or need a little spark in your relationship.


Here are create ways to make space for love to manifest…

Let go of your past, de-clutter and move forward

This means not talking about ‘him or her’ as much and perhaps getting rid of old love letters or emails that keep you stuck in the past. It’s time to pave the way for a new person to step forward. They can’t arrive when you’re still pining over someone else. Creating space for new love means letting go of old flames.

Show yourself the love you think you deserve

It’s really important to know how good (or not so good) your levels of self-esteem are. You really need to love yourself in order to attract a relationship that is sustainable. The truth? Otherwise you’ll be attracting someone that will want to fix you or will magnify your need to take care of yourself better.

This can be a good thing, but unless you shine light on the need for self-love and self-care then it can turn ugly very fast. So this is why it’s so important to treat yourself well and show yourself the love you think you deserve.

How will you love yourself today? Ask yourself this powerful question at least 3 times per day.

Create space in your bedroom for your new lover

I learnt this one from ‘The Game of Life and How to Play It’ where Florence Scovel Shinn writes about the importance of demonstrating something called ‘active faith’.

It’s where you create space for whatever it is that you wish to welcome in your life. By creating space in your bedroom for your lover you are letting the Universe know that you’re ready.

You can do this by just sleeping on one side of the bed, making drawer space available for his or her clothes.

By buying a special cup you can visualize the process of having him/her there with you in the morning. The Universe will respond to this action.


“The minute I heard my first love story,

I started looking for you, not knowing

how blind that was.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,

they’re in each other all along.”


In order to manifest more abundance into your life you need to be ready to SPARK a deeper connection with the Universe.

Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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