Oh that morning coffee. That wake me up and handle another day routine. I can gaurentee you that each an everyday as soon as our eyes open that the thoughts start flowing in. All of those "I gotta do this and that". Well hello Auto-pilot. Our minds are so focused and programmed on the to-do list. But in that to-do list, wheres the time penciled in for yourself. When you come home an shower and hop in your most comfy jammies just to lay your head down an think about tomorrow. That is not what life is about. What if I told you that simplifying your life could lead to a longer more fulfilled life. The stressors of our daily life is what triggers our illnesses. Headaches, stomach and heart disease all stem from stress. Now im not saying slack on your daily responsibities, but instead implement new ways of handling your day to day tasks. Wake up in the morning an start with a simple affirmation. What am I grateful for? With each sip of coffee (tea) speak nothing but goodness. Your already shifting your perception for the day.For me personally I do this daily along with writting myself little notes. smiling more at strangers, holding the door open for the next ones. Those little acts of kindess that you can do threw out the day are honestly effortless. You put so much time an effort in what is expected of you by others, but what about your expectations for self? how many times a day do you say, "I wish I could do that" or "Why can't that be me". This one takes the cake..."I can't do anything!". Who says you can't, yourself? You only say those things because you don't believe in yourself enough and people have clouded your mind with their visions. Sadly with the way the world is, its easier to put people down then give them a compliment. If people understood that a simple, "Good Job","I'm proud of you", or a "You look nice today" could mend the hearts of so many. Everyone needs a little pick me up. Thats literally the reason why I start it with my cup of coffee in the morning. Then I know that, that little morning pick me up will allow me to stay focused on what MY heart wants and  My vision will be clear for the day. I will say that these little changes will magnify into something greater. So start your mornings with your best intentions an even if you have a little hiccups threw out the day, remember who you are and all that you want to achieve. Throw in  a few extra "I cans" an see where it takes you. I know, I know how can one cup of coffee change my life. Its not the coffee, its that feel good sensation after that first sip. Thats all you need, all those feel goods!!!! I can tell you from my crazy life that, the first sip of coffee is my motivation!! I can tackle the world!! Awake, Aware and Alert.