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How to make the law of attraction work for you

Understanding the law of attraction

Nicole Malpus

Life Coach

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The law of attraction is often misinterpreted as an unrealtsic concept that if you think of a goal it will magically just occur. But this is false. 

The law of attraction simply states that the more you think of and visulaise an idea and the more power you give it in your head, the more you attract it in your life. 

It is not the world outside of you that dictates your circumstances or conditions. It is the world inside that creates the conditions in your life. 


Law of attraction is occuring all the time, but you have to use it intentionally and choose what you focus on in order for it to have positive results. 

You can choose what channel to watch

You can choose what movie to watch

You can choose what music to listen to 

You can choose what people you are around

You choose what conversations you hear


Applying to law of attraction

You must preduct a personal goal and explore the emotional benefits and fulfilment it will bring you. Create reminders of it around you so that it takes over a part of your mind.

Watch movies about it, follow acounts about it. Engage your mind with that goal.Do not limit your mind by focusing on all the obstacles you must overcome before you have even started. This will only restrict you!

Eductae yourself with the knowledge to execute and take action on those dreams. This wont require much exertion if you have this goal become your dominating thought. And taking action will oftem seem effortless when its your ultimate purpose. 


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Nicole Malpus

Life Coach

97 $ / session

  • 5 Publications
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