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Attitudes that become effective!

The importance of trusting people in our lives. Find those people and be yourselves!

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How important is it to trust people in your life? If we don’t have anyone in our lives who we believe we can trust, we will find it difficult to open up or even be ourselves around people.


Trust is a complex concept that exists on different levels.


The quality of our lives will always be heavily determined by the quality of our relationships, and the quality of our relationships depends upon the quality of trust we have built within them. Even if you consider yourself as a trustworthy person, we often forget that trust isn’t a given standard and we are still responsible for winning and earning trust of other people.


Trust is only developed over time after we have demonstrated to others that we are consistent for them. Trust is there to build people up within relationships, not tear them down and that your agenda is their agenda (or that we have an agenda that is better than theirs but for their benefit and not your own).


Here are the 7 attitudes that as a life coach I would follow when building relationships with all clients in order to make them effective:


1.     The mind and body affect each other


2.     Every behaviour has a positive intention


3.     Behaviour is geared towards adaptation


4.     Accept the person, encourage changes in attitude and behaviour


5.     There is no such thing as failure, only feedback to be received


6.     Respect the other persons model of the world


7.     There are no bad people, just unhelpful attitudes habits and behaviours


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