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Connect with your Lungs through Harry Potter - A way to heal from anxiety, grief, fear of loss

Autumn has begun, trees will let go of their leaves, and Halloween is coming…

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Autumn has begun, trees will let go of their leaves, and Halloween is coming…

So I take this opportunity to honour that mysterious season and its associated organ, the Lung.

There is especially one thing I enjoy doing during Autumn: re-watching Harry Potter movies. It is something instinctive for me, but there’s actually a reason behind it.

In fact, all stories that teach you to appreciate mysteries of the past, accepting ancestor’s legacy, seems to have a specific action on the Lungs system.

The most emblematic “Lung’s story” is Harry Potter (JK Rowling). But I can cite also The Golden Compass (Philipp Pullman), The Lord of the Rings (Tolkien), Indiana Jones, Tomb raider (video game and movie), and many others.

Harry Potter is particularly emblematic because it has clearly been written as a way to heal from the suffering of the past (especially the death of JK Rowling’s mother).
In fact, letting go, grieving for a loss, are characteristics of the Lungs, and there is no greatest loss than death. I remember when looking at JK Rowling’s interviews, I was struk noticing some sadness on her face, even though she was smiling.

Interestingly, in the Catholic religion, Autumn is also the period where we celebrate all saints and dead people. In the Celtic religion, there was also a similar celebration that later became what we call now Halloween. This celebration was marking the passage between the past year and the new year, so the day of Halloween was thought to be a day where time stops still, like between two breaths…

The thematic of death is always present in Harry Potter. For example, in the world of Harry Potter, it is natural to live among ghosts, spiders, and other creatures associated to the past (“time’s death”), myths of the past, or even death.

But the genius of JK Rowling has been to transform this gloomy and stifly/oppressing environment into something where love/life can thrive anyway. This allows her to heal from her suffering, or to “reborn from the ashes” (the meaning of accepting legacy), like Dumbledore's phoenix.

I like to see Harry Potter and his greatest enemy (I can’t pronounce the name) as the two sides of JK Rowling, fighting with each other :
- one trying to defeat death by accepting it (accepting the legacy of his dead parents, and then his self-sacrifice),
- and the other trying to defeat death by not accepting it (looking for a way to survive with horcruxes, then the elixir of life with the philosopher’s stone, the deathly hallows, etc.)

And you, in this autumn, do you feel oppressed or the need to let go of something ?


P.S.: Funny coincidence, the name of Harry Potter’s mother is Lily, a flower and famous Lung’s remedy in Chinese medicine.

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