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Using your Belief System to Improve Motivation

Motivation can be simply defined as the intuition (or the certainty) that there is a solution to our problems...

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Motivation can be simply defined as the intuition (or the certainty) that there is a solution to our problems, and that, somehow, we can work out that solution. In other words, when we are motivated, we truly believe that we have the potential to progress and find the solution.

For example, I can be motivated to exercise because I know I can handle it and I know it will help me to achieve my goals (whether they are physical, mental or spiritual goals).

Like when you try to open a coconut. You are motivated to open the coconut for two reasons:

1) You want to eat the coconut (yummy!).

2) You know it is possible for you to achieve it, despite possible barriers. Even more than that, you can feel that possibility, you have the intuition of it! Yeah! Let’s go!

People that are not motivated are generally stuck in phase 1), but it can also be phase 2).

The point is that you need both 1) and 2) to get motivated.

Now, the problem is that we tend to think that motivation only lies on action. This is natural because the word “motivation” comes from the Latin word for “movement”. However, this turns to be a wrong belief that impedes motivation to happen.

In fact, as said before, the main part of motivation is about believing in yourself, which means that you respect yourself and your limitations. If you do not believe in yourself, then you do not respect yourself. As a consequence, you keep expecting yourself to achieve things, to be into action all the time. Basically, you are neglecting the fact that you need to adapt the process to your limitations.

Therefore, motivation is not just about having enough energy to achieve something… right now! (like the stereotypical coach that shouts: “5 more! Come on! I know you can do it!”).
Motivation is mainly about believing in a learning process that takes place inside of you.
You don’t own it, you just decide to cultivate it.

Let’s recap: the first bad belief is “motivation = movement”.
(Well, there is always movement in motivation, but it is not just about obvious action: it goes back and forth from yin to yang and yang to yin)

Now, another bad belief that kills motivation is believing that we must do our task in less than 10 minutes (or whatever is your time lapse).
This is like : “If I cannot open the coconut in less than 50 seconds, I don’t even see the point about eating it!” or “If I cannot win the Nobel prize within my first years, I don’t even see the point about becoming a scientist”.
In this way, you are killing motivation because you are not respecting your limitations (once again).

If you do not succeed to meet your expectations in the time-lapse you imposed to yourself, then you will be frustrated, you will feel no reward, and in the end, you will lack the motivation to finish what you have begun.

However, conversely, if you can get rid of time, it allows you to reward yourself and acknowledge your progress at every baby step along your journey.

And with rewards comes greater motivation…

Now, are you really motivated to become more motivated?

If so, maybe you can start working on your belief system.


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