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How would your life change if you begin to show your emotions?

How would it be Showing your emotions without fear?

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How would your life change if you begin to show your emotions?

How would your life change if you begin to show your emotions without fear of being judged?

I bet that, if you do so, you feel better, as you were free from a heavy burden.

We live in times where showing emotions has become a rare fact, at least in some places.For some strange reasons, sometimes people hold back emotions. It seems like showing emotions people are afraid of being seen for what they are. Most of the time, this fear belongs to an unconscious habit related to the fear of judgment.

In my opinion, the real crime is hiding your emotions behind a façade because of this absurd belief. On the contrary, when you show your emotions, you commit to following one of the basic requirements for a peaceful and harmonious life.

Why do some people think showing emotions is a sign of weakness?

Let me tell you a story. It is the story of two people who loved each other. One day, they decided to buy a house and start a new life with the hope of being happy. In the beginning, everything was fine. Then the relationship changed. The man could not stand some attitudes of the woman. He struggled to be affectionate, and he rarely had a loving attitude. He wasn't able to externalize his emotions. When he was stressed, he put a barrier between him and the rest of the world, shutting himself in an absurd silence all the time. On the other hand, instead of expressing her disappointment when his partner wasn't tender, the woman used to please him in all the ways she could.

How do you think this relationship ended?

If only the man had spoken more and made a little effort to show his emotions. If only the woman had confronted his partner, rather than pleasing him all the time. The question is always the same: when you do not show your emotions, you risk being misunderstood and carry on unsolved problems. How would your life change if, by tomorrow, you show your feelings?

Don't you think that the relationships with your family, your partner, and your work colleagues or members, will eventually improve?

Sometimes it is not easy to show emotions, even for people who are used to do it. Sometimes the unconscious mind prevents us from showing our feelings and tell the truth. And, if you have struggled to show your emotions until now, do not worry. In the beginning, it could be challenging, but when you get used to doing it day after day, you will notice positive changes, especially when you interact with people.

Showing your emotions allows you to make happy the people you love because they can better understand you. You make them aware of your desires and goals too.

When you begin to show your emotions, some people could distance from you because you have changed your attitude, how you communicate and improve your energy. When you find the courage to show yourself for who you are and do not care to express your opinion, you make a significant step forward in your personal growth even when you disagree with others.

If by tomorrow you begin to show your emotions, you will increase your self-esteem too. When you tell others what you think and explain what you feel, you do a great favor to yourself. There's nothing wrong with admitting that you are made of strong and weak points. As humans, we are emotional beings more than other creatures on this planet. That's why it is essential to show our emotions if we do not, it's like being trapped inside an invisible prison, where we are forced to play a role. It could be the role of the person who never needs anyone's help. Or the person who always smiles even when he or she would cry.

Showing your emotions sets you free from any masks you used to wear, and it gives you many advantages. First of all, you can make a faster natural selection of people standing near you. Showing your true nature, you will notice that someone will appreciate you or will not recognize you anymore in your new guise. Depending on cases, some individuals will disappear from your life, while others will enter because you have changed the way you are and you communicate. This inevitably improves your energy, and it's only a question of time that you meet new people in synch with your new vibration. Showing your emotions and feelings set you out on the path of awareness and truth. People will respect you more than in the past.

How would it be to have relationships with people who recognize you, appreciate and love your sincerity?

How would it be working with people without a thousand faces, who you can trust?

In any case, showing emotions and feelings, you need to be brave. It would help if you were determined and mostly free from the fear of being judged. Sometimes you need a pinch of madness to play open cards. But I'm sure the reward is worth it, even in case you have to deal with irritable people. In this case, be careful, at least, but keep on being yourself and show your emotions the most appropriate way. Always remember that truth is liberating, even when you and other people do not like it.

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