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Grieving: Relationship Loss

Losing someone special or dear to you is never an easy transition. Grieving is painful. Use healthy approaches.

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Losing someone special or dear to you is never an easy transition.  Grieving can be painful and hold different stages for individuals.  One moment you might feel you are making headway. You are ready to move forward and no longer miss that person.  The next, something happens like your song is playing while you are shopping in a store or sitting by the pool, a smell, a color, an outfit, and suddenly things seem unclear again. The grieving starts over. The loss of a relationship can be challenging. There is no one set way to handle a loss of a relationship. There are a few healthy approaches in dealing with relationship loss that might help during this process to make the transition a little bit more bearabl until you find the partner you are designed to be with.


Take the time you need to grieve.  Do it on your timeframe.  Family and friends  might say, “Get over it, you should start dating again.”  That is perfectly fine as long as you are ready to do just that.  Taking the time for yourself is very important.  Sometimes, a person that does not take time to grieve could enter another relationship not fully available for the next person. Taking the time you need will help you become stronger and ready for the next person.


Understand  you will have different emotions during the grieving process. Take the time to feel what you are feeling and keep yourself moving forward. I would recommend writing down what you feel at that time and find something healthy to do that will make you feel better like taking a walk,  go for a run, make dinner, etc..  When you are able to recognize your emotions, you take a healthy approach to improve yourself for yourself. 


It is alright to ask for help when you need it after a relationship comes to an end. Ask someone you trust like a friend, a family member to just listen to you.  You can always ask for help by asking someone to do things with you until you are able to do them without feeling lost or lonely. Remember, the people that care about you will be there to help you through this transition. You just have to ask.


Lastly, be gentle with your healing process.  You did not fall in love overnight, you will not forget overnight.  Your partner was very important to you and the positive aspect of the relationship is often something to smile about. Recognize the hurtful moments as well, but understand it will pass. Be gentle with yourself. 


Most importantly, once you are able to recognize your feelings and emotions, then let go. Grieving is a normal process of life, we all do it differently. When a relationship comes to an end, holding on will limit your ability to move forward and find love.


Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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