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Clean Slate in 2021

Clean Slate for 2021. Effective methods to make changes in your life.

Elizabeth Smith

Life Coach

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2021 is here and what it will bring is entirely up to you.  We can look at the past year or years and wish we could have changed things.  This year, you can do just that.  Start this year with a clean slate. Take an assessment of what you did not like and focus on those areas in your life, including relationships. 


Begin asking yourself, what do I want to change about myself?


What baggage am I carrying that will hold me back from having the relationship or life that I truly want?  


What is my plan for affecting change and what are the actions steps I need to take to achieve my goals?

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Elizabeth Smith

Life Coach

  • 11 Publications
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Make 2021, the start of a new you and beginnings.  You deserve it!

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