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Communicate Effectively in Relationships

Communicating can be one of the most challenging areas within a relationship. Learn how to effectively communicate.

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Communication can be one of the most challenging areas within a relationship. It often takes on many different roles as the relationship develops.  Think about this for a moment, remember when you first met your partner, you would speak often and tell each other everything that was on your mind.  Over time, communication dissipates for some reason or another.  

The key, try not to look at the past and place blame as to why communication declined. 

What individuals can focus upon is how to have effective communication with their partner moving forward.  A few simple ways to do just that is to communicate.  It sounds simple but it can be a challenge for some.  Here are a few ways to communicate effectively with your partner and get on a path that might help.


First communicate when there are no distractions. This means removing mobile devices, computers, Ipads, television or anything distracting.  If you have children, speak before they wake, after they are in bed or preoccupied with other tasks that will not interrupt your time to communicate. For effective communication to effectively work, both of you need to have your undivided attention on each other.  

Secondly, discuss how you feel about not communicating the way you once had. Ask each other what are a few different ways to improve communication? One partner may want little notes left around the house to say “I love you,” or another may want you to call more during the day.  Whichever you and your partner come up with, you might be pleasantly surprised. This form of communication can bring an opportunity to learn more about each other and both of you have an opportunity to share.

Another form of effective relationship communication is to ask each other how we can present things or topics when both of us are willing and able to discuss it clearly and kindly.  Each person has a different fashion of communicating and presenting how they feel. Find what works best for you and your partner.  Be patient, calm, and listen to each other. Do not cut each other off when speaking as this may cause an argument. This is not what you are trying to accomplish. To be effective, attentively listen and remember these are methods to improve your relationship by communicating.  

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Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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